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Articles from Lips_Pearls

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    Bdsm and consent: how to stop rough sex crossing the line into abuse

    What an interesting article I've found; When allegations of assault were made against New York's top prosecutor Eric Schneiderman this week, he denied them, saying engaging in non-consensual sex was a line he would not cross. "In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone," he told The New Yorker magazine, which broke the story. Four women say he repeatedly slapped them and one said he insisted she...
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    From one swinging site to another.. my experience.

    My experience of another swinging site. This is not a sob story...this is a story of resilience This story isn't pretty reading and believe me it's been less pretty to live through.
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    Fab.Swingers goes down and here's what happened....

    Fab.swingers goes down and here is what happened - the "UK's largest swinging site" and the "Free Swingers site for UK and USA"
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    Why we started our own swinging site.

    Why we started a swinging site online - Social Swinging and a new approach to swinging online.
  5. What Do You Think About...

    The Americanisation of the UK? I (Mr) found out this morning through HRH @Pearls that the American fast food restaurant Denny's Diners, (who knew!?) is coming to Swansea at some point in the very near future. Another American Diner for the city. So what do you think about the Americanisation of our culture, language (English..) and even down to restaurants and food chains? Is it good for us? Bad for us? Is our own way of life being lost? Does it grate you when someone says Airplane, or...
  6. Pampas Grass Sales Drop Due To Swinging Connotations

    A cracking new piece for you.. :D Pampas grass sales have plummeted due to their particular sexual connotations. Once a common plant outside suburban houses, pampas grass became known as a sign that the residents were swingers. The plant, native to South America, serves as a signal to passers-by. But now sellers say these connotations have led to a drop in sales and some nurseries have completely stopped stocking it, The Telegraph reports. A decade ago, Palmstead Nurseries in Kent would...
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