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Swinging Articles

Swinging Articles

  • Can you discover who you really are if you're a swinger?

    Our lifestyle is one of personas. However, does that mean that the persona you present to other swingers is fake, or can it in fact help you discover a deeper understanding of who you are as a person? Purple Mamba Club Nottinghamshire
  • Are you a positive swinger?

    Actually..the vast majority of posts I see from you wonderful peeps on Social Swinging are funny or positive, but you must have come across a complainer or two on the scene! Purple Mamba Club Nottinghamshire
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    Is sharing swinging?.... My story..

    For some couples, the idea of having sex with anyone other than your significant other seems unfathomable.....It can be hard to understand how “swinging” — when you swap partners with another couple and sleep with someone new — can actually lead to stronger relationship bonds....But believe it or not, it can, and there are more couples interested in doing it than you may realise... But what about when you don't swap... What if you only share your partner?... Sometimes watching.. Sometimes...
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    Our Journey So Far.....

    Where to start? How did we begin this journey? This article is about our first steps into the swinging world. One passionate evening, good food was eaten, copius amounts of alcohol was drunk and the evening turned into passionate intimate sex. The talking, giggling, slow exploration of each other, blindfolds, toys. The kind of evening you bring your 'A Game'. Amongst the passion Kaz says to me "I want you to watch me fuck another woman". "Seriously?" I ask. "Don't you want to?" She...
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    Why we started our own swinging site.

    Why we started a swinging site online - Social Swinging and a new approach to swinging online.
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    Single Gents And Swinging

    Aaaaaaaarrrrgghh it's a monster, a Neanderthal............. Worse, it's a Single Gent! No we're not that bad honestly. Sometimes we just need a little bit of guidance so here we are. I've had a Couples Profile and a Single Gents profile so I have seen for myself how differently peoples attitudes are. If only there was a guide to read, a rulebook that showed how to play the game. Who could take on such a challenge? A Little Fat Man from Yorkshire? So without further ado:- SINGLE GENTS -...
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    From one swinging site to another.. my experience.

    My experience of another swinging site. This is not a sob story...this is a story of resilience This story isn't pretty reading and believe me it's been less pretty to live through.
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    Swinging Not Dating

    Ok guys and girls this is going to be a little long winded but it's something that has to be said. So first do you all know what swinging is? I honestly believe quite a few have some idea but not fully understand the whole life style choice this is. This is exactly what it is, a lifestyle choice. This is not dating and I must emphasise this. Not Dating. Dating is where you date and build up a relationship from there, there are plenty of sites out there that can provide a dating service but...
  7. Dick Pics Or Not

    As a newbie I was wondering what the general opinion is on dick pics ... Me I air on the side of less is more ???????
  8. The Joys Of Bdsm - Social Swinging.com

    To most people, the idea of BDSM seems like a twisted way to love. Some have a perception that it is an activity meant for people who like to take advantage of others, or people who love being taken for granted. However, this is not true. You couldn’t be further from the truth with this kind of ideology. Members who practice BDSM cannot get enough it! There are people who are in the fetish for a lifetime, while others just want to get in, hit, and run. Either way, the benefits of BDSM are...
  9. The Do's and Dont's of Swinging

    The Do’s and Don’ts of Swinging Be truthful and honest when you talk to your partner about your feelings. If you feel jealous of your partner, or have any other uncomfortable feelings about the whole sexual step, tell your partner. If you don’t, they will only come out later and be much more awkward and damaging. Once you get to the swingers’ joint, be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone else. Being friendly, good-natured and exuding a warm aura has a positive effect on everyone....
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    Profile Photos And Name

    What message are you trying to get over with your photo and name? That is basically what people think when they look at your profile picture and name... This is all about window shopping... So what message does a photo showing you stuffing your face with pizza Or a strand of hair . Your dog Your over hanging belly, bulbous nose or even a blurred photo send out? What about your name.. Squirtking or danglingballs... You get the idea .. The question is.... Would you contact any of the...
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