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Swinging Articles

Swinging Articles

  • Can you discover who you really are if you're a swinger?

    Our lifestyle is one of personas. However, does that mean that the persona you present to other swingers is fake, or can it in fact help you discover a deeper understanding of who you are as a person? Purple Mamba Club Nottinghamshire
  • Are you a positive swinger?

    Actually..the vast majority of posts I see from you wonderful peeps on Social Swinging are funny or positive, but you must have come across a complainer or two on the scene! Purple Mamba Club Nottinghamshire
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    Bareback? Thoughts on it and why/why not?

    Okay all, Risque subject but let's see what people think. We know the risks involved, but do you go bareback or not? Do you prefer bareback and do you do it with people you 'trust' to be safe? ;) I am safe all the way.. But I know it's a good topical debate. What say you sexy people? Cottons xx
  2. 10 Of The Most Popular Sexual Fetishes

    The definition of a sexual fetish is the need for an object, body part or material to achieve an elevated state of sexual arousal. Technically, some of the list might fall under kinks or preferences and not the specific category of fetish, but it seems these days it’s all gray area. Suffice to say, the list covers some of the most popular of them. Also, for many people, these are things that enhance their sexual experiences but aren’t necessarily required to achieve arousal. A true...
  3. Biggest Misconceptions About Swinging..

    Well I thought this would be a good thread to get going about misconceptions, that people have about the swinging world and swingers. I think, as mentioned to someone the other day, that some we've come across so far are; All women are bi. All men are straight. Swingers will shag anything that moves. There's no love or sex left in a marriage so it needs saving and spicing up. It's sex and only sex, there's no way there can be any connection... And so many more, but what do you think are...
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