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Replies on Comment by No longer with us..

  1. Lips_Pearls
    Incidentally I’m currently helping someone who is definitely feeling their worst side as of right now. It’s appalling and abhorrent what they’re doing to this person. And there’s little support. But as they are also on here, then they’re getting extra support too. You have got that right; it’s a free porn site and there’s not much being done about it. The genuine swingers have to go through a minefield. Agreed re single guys or some anyway. It’s crazy there.
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  2. Lips_Pearls
    With abuse, this is why we’re so very proactive and have a zero tolerance approach to it. Interesting post, thank you for writing it x
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  3. No longer with us..
    Most welcome! Its good they have support on here! I tried to message what I thought were the site owners about an admin on a power trip sending abusive and nasty messages, I then got more nasty messages back from them and told ‘ha nothing will be done about your complaint as I see all those messages first’ so if the mod/admin dislikes you then you have no chance of getting any help from the owners.
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  4. Lips_Pearls
    Wow, that's terrible. This is pretty much exactly what we're dealing with right now with someone. They're going through the exact same thing. We will always support everyone on here, as much as we can. x
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