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Swinging Aint Easy

By AlphaandBlue · 15 June 2018 · ·
  1. AlphaandBlue
    Hey guys, firstly thanks for the great welcome this is the first genuine and friendly place we have found.

    We would like to also acknowledge the great PV scheme and how it put our mind at ease knowing such great care you guys take to ensure new people are sincere.

    We thought we would use our first forum post to gain a little point in the right direction, it seems every site we tried before this one was either far too lax in security or simply a money making scheme. How does everyone weed out the good from the bad or are there simply a very limited amount of options ? We've tried numerous 'swipe apps' and with no idea if the person your swiping on is real your allowing - although minimal- them some access into a deeply private and personal area of not only your own life but your partners too.

    Has anyone had the unfortunate situation arise when you accidentally end up finding someone you already knew on one of these sites or apps whom you would rather knew nothing about the decisions in life you have made regarding your sexuality? If so what did you do if you don't mind us asking?

    Finally more on the practical side of the swinging we really have no idea where to begin? Should we be chatting socially on the sites and social media to bed ourselves in so to speak or is a lets just go for it at a club gung ho style the best way to begin. Of course we completely expect the 'you need to do whats right for you' response to this and ultimately that is indeed the way we will eventually go, but what about you guys was it an easy choice to invite others into your homes and beds ? Was everyone happy with the initial encounters or was there mistakes that we should try to avoid ?

    We are of course completely aware these questions are of a personal and intrusive nature and expect no response except from those happy to share. Thanks for taking the time to read if you have got this far a little long winded for a first thread.

    Also thanks again for the great welcome guys and for creating such an amazing community.

    Alpha and Blue xx


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  1. The-Gent
    Well we found a club was a good way to start as its up to how you feel at the timewether or not to get involved or just see what happens, Talk yo peeps and enjoy the exprerance how ever that works out. Once you have been you will want to go back and get a little more involved. Hope you have a great experance.
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  2. Shirley
    Congrats on a honest, open and articulate post. I've not been on the scene long and began my swinging journey of discovery on a different site. Oh, and what a journey!
    I ask questions for a living so asking swingers all those 'numpty' sounding questions must have seemed strange to others but was vital for my learning and understanding. People in clubs and parties were kind and more than willing to take on a 'newbie' and share their particular take on the swinging scene.
    My education began at Socials. No pressure, people will welcome you and introduce you to others people who will 'look after you' and introduce you to others and so on....
    It's just like any other night out but with like minded people, raffles, games to get everyone involved, laughter and most importantly, there is no pressure! Socials are therefore an ideal way in which to meet people and network in a safe, relaxed environment.
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