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Desperate Scousewives Swinging Party 14th May @ Townhouse

Us Scousers like to take the piss out of ourselves! It’s well known that we can handle the jibes as we have a wicked sense of humour!

Well this coming Saturday you can celebrate your inner Scouse or be an honorary scouser for the night!!! Liverpool girls are well known for their glamorous make up, massive lashes, Scouse brows, painted nails, big hair or even going out in rollers!!!! The guys are designer dapper with a cheeky winning smile to tantalize the ladies….Scouse guys can charm the birds out of the trees!!!!

But if you want to take the piss, then grab your curly wig and moustache and join us for a light hearted celebration of everything Scouse! Maybe you fancy yourself as as one of the Beatles?
Dressing up is not compulsory at all!!! Just come along and enjoy the vibe. Saturdays are always busy and full of sexy people.

KEEP CALM and SWING! or in Scouse…. calm down, calm down and get ya jiggy on mate!
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