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INDULGENCE ALL FEMALE Halloween Party @ Townhouse 29th Oct

Ok, I have been working away at the next Indulgence event and we have loads planned! It is nearly a year since our very first party, so we are treating this as our first birthday! If you like to bake or fancy bringing some cake to share, then please feel free!! lol We will be offering fruit and mallow kebabs and some other goodies to keep your energy levels up throughout the evening

As always, this event is whatever you want it to be...play, socialise, make new friends, use our dungeons/playrooms or have a hot tub. Whatever you want to do, it really is up to you. This is an event for bi/lesbian females, but straight females are welcome if you just fancy a girly night; it is just £10 per person and we ask that you do not bring your own alcohol with you and instead, purchase from our highly subsidised bar. It is an evening of indulgence and an opportunity for you to have some down time, enjoy a pampering and a giggle!

As it's just before Halloween, we thought we would have a fancy dress party. The club theme this year is Creepy Carnival theme and will be decorated like a film set!!! pmsl So scary clowns, bearded ladies, strong 'men', ringmistresses, circus freaks! If you want to be more traditional, then good old witches, vampires, zombies and ghosts are just fine or even just goth it up!! The best dressed will receive a free entry :lol:

So what do we have planned?

We have Burlesque performances for you from our very own members who have been taking lessons and have performed once before at the club; they were fantastic!! These will be running from 10pm in the main lounge!

We have Sandie, our wonderful Reiki and Indian Head Massage practitioner with us offering free 15 minute sessions as usual. She is SO popular and is always in demand. Make sure you book in your session with her on arrival

We have a practitioner offering free Swedish Body Massages. These are half hour sessions and you will be required to answer some health questions before you start. She will only be offering 8 of these massages as she will be knackered by the end of it all, so if you want to book in, please do so on arrival and places will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Ever fancied being photographed with a snake? Well we are very lucky to have a member with us who is quite the expert on snakes and reptiles in general really and will be bringing one of his snakes along for you to hold, pet and be photographed with if you wish in a private room on the top floor. He won't be with us too late so that we can use the room for other things, so get in there early!

We will be holding a life drawing class from 7pm until 8.30pm. This is going to be in the main lounge and anyone is welcome to join in. We do have pads and pencils and a coupls of easels but if you have your own kit, then bring it along :) If you fancy being the model on the night, then PM me. I would prefer a female model for this event please.

Our little cocktail corner went down well last time, so we are doing this again. We will lay on a few different bottles of spirit and some mixers for you to experiment and see what you can create!

Finally as it's Autumn, we are going to take advantage of the chestnut season!! :) We will roast some chestnuts mid evening for you to indulge on!

Finally, if you want to make a night of it, you may stay over with us! Private rooms are £20 for a couple/2 people £15 for a single. We have rooms that can be shared with several friends and these are just £10 per person. You need to book in advance for overnights, so please PM me

So, Thursday 29th Oct, All Girls, from 6.30pm to 1.30am...BE THERE!!!
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