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Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you! I have been waiting on confirmation or decline of some of the people who were going to get involved.

Soooo....it's time for another exciting installment of INDULGENCE! Our all female party! We've had loads of these now and they are very well attended and highly anticipated :lol: These parties are all about enjoying what you love and indulging in luxurious nibbles, drinks and sharing our club with your fellow females! You don't need to be a member you just need to bring ID with you. We always have stuff going on and you can get involved if you want or not...it's entirely up to you! Some of our girls are gay/bi, some are straight or curious, some come as couples, with friends or alone. We have fetishists coming along as well as those who would normally come on a swinging night. There is no pressure to get involved in anything; use the night for whatever you want! Eat, drink, chat, play, relax and indulge.

We will have 2 different types of alcoholic punch for you to try, guilt free cake, a chocolate fondue and fruit/mallow kebabs....all included in your price!

We have a lovely lady offering body waxing!! So if you fancy a de-fluff, she is taking advance bookings or you can chance it on the night. This is absolutely free and she will was anywhere! If you want to book a place, please PM me.

We have our lovely Sandie with us offering free Indian Head massage and Reiki; you book this on arrival and you can have one or both therapies.

We will have our karaoke set up if you fancy flexing your vocal chords and giving us a tune :)

We will also have Twister set up if you want to gt physical! Clothes are optional! lol

It's just £10 per person and we ask that you don't bring your own alcohol in with you. We open our doors at 6.30pm until 1.30am

We have overnight stays available if you want to make a night of it. Rooms are £15 for single private rooms, £20 for double rooms and £10 per person for semi shared rooms (you share a room, not a bed....unless you want to!! lol) PM me to book a room and it will need paying for in advance.

The event is advertised all over the place, so the numbers confirming on here are just a portion of ladies who will be there

See you there!! I'm not working!! Wooohooooooooo!!!

Event Information

28 January 2016 at 18:30
29 January 2016 at 01:30


Townhouse CH42 3TL

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