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Stoke Rope Jam . . . Making Stoke knotty and fun!

After a fantastic start we are pleased to announce the second Stoke Rope Jam.

The first one proved just what a fantastic community we have and was fantastic to see so many attending and enjoying learning, sharing and generally having fun with rope while relaxing and chatting with friends new and old.

If your a rope enthusiast, a complete beginner or simply curious then this is your ideal time to come along, share knowledge and ideas, learn something new or just practice your skills with like minded friends in a great location.

We recommend clothing that is not restrictive and is comfortable to be tied in if you’re a bottom, or, for tying in if you’re a top, nudity is allowed :) and our only real advice is for the ladies looking to experience being tied, please avoid wearing underwired bras as these do become very uncomfortable very quickly once the ropes go on (and what’s better than the lift and emphasis a bit of rope can give to the bust line)

Obviously normal play space etiquette applies so please do be aware that if a scene is taking place then please keep a suitable distance and not interrupt the scene though we do encourage you to ask questions at a suitable time, this is all about knowledge sharing and networking. Photos are permitted, however, we must ask that you be discreet and ensure you have permission from anyone in the shot while being mindful of others that may also be in frame of your shot. Rope related play is also allowed so please feel free to bring other toys but we must emphasise the focus is on tying, sharing and learning.

Please ensure you bring your own rope. We will have a limited amount of spare rope available and we do ask that you bring with you your own safety shears (if you do get stuck we will have a very limited supply of these with us and for first timers these will also be available for a small fee for you to keep as part of your own rope kit same goes for rope if you are wishing to take some away to practice with), if you do have an emergency please shout up as there will always be someone on hand that can help. There are a limited number of cushioned mats available, but if you do have an exercise/yoga mat it certainly wouldn’t do any harm to bring this along with you.

Event Information

26 October 2016 at 20:00
27 October 2016 at 00:00


atlantisEVOLUTION, 10 William Clowes Street, Burslem, Stoke on Trent, ST6 3AP

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