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SWINGING 60's Party for Jim's 50th @ Townhouse

Jim is in total denial about turning 50, but to prove to him that being on the planet for half a century isn’t the end of the world, we are throwing a party to remember!!…or not depending how much gin he drinks!

As he was born in 1965, we are going back to the swinging 60’s for this party! We will be playing some of the best music from this era in the bar, but if you want more up to date stuff, our DJ will be with us and will be playing a good mix of music to dance to. We will be offering lovely buffet as usual and nibbles on the bar.

The club will be decorated and we are hoping that some of you will embrace the era and dress up! It’s NOT compulsory though, so please don’t stress over a costume, just come along!! If you do want some inspiration though, think hippy/flower power, psychedelic, Elvis, the Beatles, Hendrix, Tye-Dye, short dresses, Twiggy! I will be offering a free entry to the best fancy dress costume!

It was an era of free love, so lets embrace the concept and share some Townhouse lovin’

The normal entry prices apply and the usual limit of 8 single guys who must be members and book.

See you all there!!! xxx

Event Information

5 December 2015 at 20:30
6 December 2015 at 03:00


9 Union Street Tranmere CH42 3TL

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