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    Nicknames, 14 November 2018
  1. MP386

    :love: #bigboy ..... so what’s @debE then ....:censored::censored::rofl:
  2. Music Thread, 13 November 2018
  3. MP386

    @Baldrick get well soon #bigboy :love::D:D
  4. What Colour Stockings Would Suit Baldrick Please Feel Free To Say, 19 October 2018
  5. MP386

    So where are you then #Bigboy :p
  6. What Irritates You?, 11 October 2018
  7. MP386

    Nothing to do with you #bigboy :love::snogs: :rofl:
  8. Swap A Status., 9 October 2018
  9. MP386

    So it’s a date #bigboy :love: it’s done (y)
  10. Let's Get It On!, 2 October 2018
  11. MP386

    #bigboy why :(:( .... I got one reply :rofl: Gone a bit quite though :hmm: maybe second thoughts she has :( ....
  12. Inventions, 2 October 2018
  13. MP386

    :palm: #bigboy that’s what the microwave is for....:D
  14. Thank You, 1 October 2018
  15. MP386

    Yes it’s soppy get a grip man :p:p
    When I joined wasn’t a good time and a lot of people here helped me through that time .. still do ...some are still here ,some have gone ...if you want a hug you know where I am :sneaky::whistle:;):snog:#bigboy
  16. Thank You, 1 October 2018
  17. Baldrick

    I know I know self indulgent soppy thread....... but I genuinely wanted to thank you all who have helped me get through my own personal crisis.

    I simply genuinely cannot believe how supportive members have been and the well wishes have helped immensely.

    So and I know I'm proper gushing but fuck it,j in particular:-
    @Lips_Pearls I genuinely will never forget how much you've helped me/listened to my waffling. You're a fucking legend (y) (crass but to the point)
    @debE your support has meant the world, your kindness has humbled me.
    @MP386 the on again/ off again bromance. The rivalry yet lightheartedness. You have given me many a giggle #Baldrick #bigboy #fancyashag.
    And another lady who shall remain nameless (for now) for the massive confidence boost.

    Not forgetting everybody else who wished me well and offered kindness in their own way @BoltonBiFemCpl, @Vanezza, @The_Usual_Horny_Couple, @Therapon, @Miss-Sexy-Legs, @Sammy @Jophanie and probably so many more that I'm missing.

    #myswingingfamily and I bloody well appreciate it. So many people take things for granted and disappear but I wanted to show my appreciation. Sorry if I missed anybody's name but know I appreciate your kind words.

    Like I said, a soppy, self-indulgent thread but something I felt needed to be said :love:

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