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    When It Goes...., 5 July 2019
  1. TherLegs

    So my personal thoughts on this thread and it is a general overview of what I see. We have some interesting responses but I have to agree with all @Pearls has said.
    This site is nothing without the members but those members need to contribute to make the site what it is. Some do, many don't they just view media and threads but add nothing, well some might comment on media.
    Some think the site is quiet, some want to see more media but if that is what you want then lead by example, create threads, add photo's. We all have real lives, we don't all have lots of spare time however adding media, adding a reply to a thread takes minutes and it also helps other members get an idea about you.
    And again from one of @Pearls comments

    Use it or lose it.
  2. When It Goes...., 4 July 2019
  3. Pearls

    And I still see the folks who have viewed this and again after everything I’ve said choose to ignore it. Makes you think what kind of people they are in RL.
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