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    What's On Your Mind Right Now?, 12 March 2019
  1. Lips_Pearls

    Just opened a bottle of my blackberry #HomeBrew and it's fair to say, it's matured beautifully.
    Very, very tasty! x
    one happy lil bunny here!

    For context and to show you how clear this wine is, here’s a pic for you. The flavour is outstanding. 28kgs of berries = 45+ bottles of wine and now tastes better than ever! Nom nom x
    View attachment 61306
  2. Your Current View., 16 January 2019
  3. Lips_Pearls

    #Homebrew :whistle::whistle: :D :eek:
  4. Christmas Thread..., 20 December 2018
  5. Lips_Pearls

    Well we're five days away and I am really feeling the festiveness creeping in (and a whopping hangover from last night #Homebrew ) :D
    Anyone else have any plans whether naughty/nice or all of the above and if so, what are they and what are you doing?

    :xmas: :santa: :xmas:
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