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    Ratings, 8 August 2019
  1. Admin

    Due to a post by @ShadedTwo - I literally could not resist the #Impressive rating so it's sneaked in an appearance. :D ;)

    Do you have a secret talent or party trick
  2. What's On Your Mind Right Now?, 5 July 2019
  3. Lips_Pearls

    #Impressive ! :notworthy: :D
  4. Favourite After Sex Activities, 3 July 2019
  5. Jaynerobert

  6. Bad Habits, 4 June 2019
  7. Lips_Pearls

    #Impressive ! :eek: :D x
  8. Your Bits., 29 April 2019
  9. debE

    #impressive! X
  10. Please Welcome Lordandladylucky To Social Swinging!, 15 April 2019
  11. Pearls

    #impressive :sneaky:
  12. So What Is Edging?, 15 April 2019
  13. WolfieGray

    sounds excellent, you two can go for so long,
  14. Pic Of The Day - Supporters Only., 11 April 2019
  15. Leonidas480

  16. Cooking Pearls Style, 10 April 2019
  17. Pearls

    #impressive :D
  18. Cooking Pearls Style, 10 April 2019
  19. Lips_Pearls

    #Impressive :D
    Sooo looking forward to dessert.
    And doing some olive munching too :D xx
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