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    Horny In Barry Wales, 7 September 2019
  1. Pearls

    Ok serious note. Every guy claims to be good at it, that’s the way it is. Most ladies love oral including myself but when I hear the phrase “mingemuncher” it pops an image in my head of the monster munch creature.. Having my minge munched wouldn’t be a turn on for me. Gentle kisses, touches of the tongue.
    Munched by a tongue? No.
    You seem a decent guy who is friendly and polite but Hun, I think I can vouch for most ladies, that name isn’t attractive and simply doesn’t suit the personality I see here.
    This is my view and obviously you don’t have to listen to anything I have to say but a name that suits your personality would be more welcomed.
    What about Gavin? ;)

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