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    Sapiosexual, 7 October 2019
  1. Pearls

    Ok here’s my two pennies worth, I apologise now :eek:

    So the label of sapiosexual (if that’s spelt correctly) :D it’s another label for me, quite an insulting one at that.

    After reading a profile which went
    “I am a sapiosexual so if you have no idea what that means then don’t bother getting in touch”

    Well I didn’t know what it means so does that make me thick. Is my lack of intelligence unattractive?

    Intelligence comes in many forms surely, I understand the need for writing correctly but isn’t that basic English or has it become cool to speak in another manner.

    What if there was a term for people who have less knowledge than others.

    Is this label any different to size labelling, race labelling, age labelling?

    Are we all different in our own way regardless of any label?

    Then I class myself as unintelligent for not understanding and not even knowing there was such a label.

    We are all different and beautiful except for non beautiful people (inside not out)
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