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    Arrogance, 5 June 2019
  1. Pearls

    Can the scene get back to where it was?
    I can’t see that for a few reasons.
    Mainly society changing, back then it was full on innocent fun with genuine people, now you have to watch everything you do or say for being incriminating :eek: saying that we still are the same happy go lucky kinky swingers so for us it’s all about meeting the same people who are the same.
    We do a hell of a lot behind the scenes and help a lot of people, new and regular with understanding of this scene, sometimes it works, sometimes the arrogance of some out weighs the advice and help and is completely ignored.
    Communication is very important, especially on here and this is key to the thread.
    So for example, you go to a club and get introduced to someone, would you turn around and walk away with out acknowledging them?
    For us being online is no different, you say hello on a profile, you get ignored and that feeling is no different to meeting in person, you could simply acknowledge with a like perhaps.
    You view someone in the gallery or pics in threads but don’t acknowledge that photo but are happy to perv it, no different to hiding behind a curtain and peeping at a neighbour nekkiddd:cool:
    I may add guys you see this a lot and it’s one of our bug bears as you do get ignored by posts and media but I can assure you it’s not just you.
    Arrogance is something that will always be a problem when it comes to being more superior than others (that’s what they think).
    Reality is, these people are just shutting themselves away from the decent people in this scene. #selective
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