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    The Unknown, 4 September 2019
  1. MP386

    There are some reasons why I prefer meets this way ^^^ ...
    since joining I’ve attended clubs for the birthdays and socials even when as we know with the surplus of single blokes , clubs have your pants down just to get in the door ....it’s economics it makes revenue for the club that aside a couple I chatted with (long since departed I should add ! ) we had an arranged meet at a club ... everything was going ok , then they started trying to put me off going which I thought was a little odd , horror stories about the type of event ... any way being to stupid to read between the lines , I went .... said couple were pleasant enough then a visit to the hot tub they couldn’t have sat further away from me if they tried... then got out and went and played with another bloke .....
    Fair enough that’s their prerogative... they came back said good bye and left .....
    hence anyone offering just club meets tends to be not high on my list of priorities much rather a private meet in a hotel ..,,
    If that’s a single lady I’m quite old fashioned I like to sort the room and dinner as part of the evening .... couples tend to be a “ going Dutch” situation ...
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