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    When It Goes...., 21 June 2019
  1. Lips_Pearls

    You will be like;
    We were safe there
    We were treated as equals
    I was not excluded based on: Gender, sexuality, race, opinion, expression, being equal..
    I was made to feel at home
    I was welcomed
    I never suffered abuse like this
    We never had to go through this kind of shit
    We never felt so degraded
    I/we never had any form of abuse there
    I/we always appreciated how friendly everything was
    I/we always appreciated our/mine photo comments
    I/we never felt treated like a piece of meat in a meat market
    I/we never felt exposed

    Sadly, we always take for granted what we have.
    Imagine life as a piece of meat, in a meat market society... That sound good to you?
    Well that is what would happen if it goes.
    Yet it's all too easy to take it for granted.


    You, yourselves, can make, shape and create the site. Don't use it as a throwaway dispensary item. If you're harmful to the site? You're harmful to the community.
    I know we'd never, ever suffer abuse and sheer degradation here than elsewhere, so why try to destroy it?
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