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Okay before anyone gets going - yes that old gripe of mine.
As Capt Miller from the film - 'Saving Private Ryan' said, "Gripes go up not down" which is of course true. But here's an insight into something from sitting this side of the fence.


When you get people who want to draw up as much attention as they can, into whichever platform they're using - it can and does have a detrimental effect on the site.
Unlike some other sites who are very commercial and have big(?) numbers, they can take a bit of a hit and dent.
But a smaller non-commercial site like this, just can't.
This is why it's so imperative that we try so hard to maintain activity on here and for here.
A recent thread summed some of this up quite succinctly;

Note this quote;
For me the purpose of this site is to discuss sex,have a laugh,see pics of people's bits and bobs and then if anyone catches your eye,swoop in and make plans.
This is the purpose of the site. Yet we get a minority of people who are willing to try and take members away, into their little groups, which can have a bad effect on here.
Imagine you have 30 highly active (daily) members and 20 of them get approached to join a little group elsewhere.
That can leave gaping holes here. Even the odd one or two, has an effect.

But it's not just or only the site overall it affects. It's YOU too. You lose interactions, you lose content.. You lose the possibility of new friends.
Even worse if you're a paid up supporter of the site.
So who's interest is it in really, to drag people away from here and onto other messaging apps?
Ours? No.
Other members? No.
Yours? Yes.

Are you a highly active member and contributed financially to the site? Because if you have and you're actively doing this, then all you're doing is-
1; wasting your money & 2; harming the fun for everyone else.

When members who are committed to the site and try to get engagements from others, nothing happens - when the damage is done... you are the ones who are responsible for that.
Think about it. x
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Lips & Pearls. Just ordinary people, in a fun and entertaining lifestyle choice of Swinging.


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