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Spreading news & gossip amongst swingers & the whole lifestyle, is quite easy.
You need juicy content, something controversial, content = you've your perfect cocktail for information awareness.

This bit was quite easy actually, all we needed to do was say what was different about it. No duplicate accounts for bullying, no self deletion, actively acting on reports and so forth.
Then we chose to attend many events, spreading the word and just being ourselves really.

Raising a type of profile wasn't going to be too easy, because you're up against a certain type of people too. So along with those who chose to support the newly created site, we went up against the "die hard" types who wouldn't even consider a change. Then the ones who loved to create havoc & mayhem elsewhere. The elitists.. the cliques.. you know what I mean.

But it worked and we swiftly learnt the type of members who would be best suited to the site.

By far the best way to promote, was and still is, by attending parties & events. Using various means such as flyers, posters, cards, and of course just mingling at parties and being ourselves.
We gained some steam just by doing this.
Social Media was taking off and SS was fast becoming the new kid on the block.. and nobody likes a challenge.. But we were here and we weren't going anywhere, anytime soon.

To this day and in fact only last week, we still give out flyers/cards/posters, for members and clubs to pop up and help spread the word.
In return, they get the comfort(?) of a safe & solid site, well managed and reliable.
Clubs, in return they get massive promotion from the site. From email newsletters, to Social Media sharing & posting, to even simply just a link on the site.

A site which has over 30k page views per month - that's good publicity for any club! The bouncing from here to theirs, is not to be underestimated.

Good news travels fast, bad news faster.. But that old adage; any news is good news - as long as you're in it.

Again, the best way for members & clubs alike, to help the site and it's members flourish, is to simply share the love.

Love Social Swinging? Want to Share the Love?

Please do share the site, wherever and whenever you can.
It helps us all after all. ? ? ?


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