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Cam directly from Mobile & desktop - social swinging


A guide to using the Chat features and how to cam directly from mobile or desktop.
As you may or may not know, we have an extensive chat feature that not only provides 1-2-1 and 1-2-many chats, but also has the option to cam directly from your mobile phone providing you use the App.
Cam can also be done from a desktop/laptop of course.
Additionally we also provide an option for you to do voice calls using VOIP - IP calling not mobile network.
This means you face no charges on your network for using your phone should you wish to call someone.

The following is a guide on how to use some of the features on chat.

1 Cam from mobile

To cam from your mobile phone to other swingers/members onsite, you must have our apps installed found here;
Social Swinging found on Google Play;

Social Swinging found on Apple iTunes Store;

The following images show how you can cam directly from your mobile to other swingers, using the Social Swinging App.

Image 1 - first find who you wish to chat with;

Image 2 & 3 - start a chat with them and select the camera or phone icon, click yes when the confirmation pops up;
IMG_2365.PNG IMG_2366.PNG

Image 4, you will then see confirmation of the call being made and once accepted, your cam session will start.
IMG_2367.PNG .

2 Cam from Desktop

The following images show how you can cam directly from your desktop, using chat.
Obviously find the account you wish to speak with, then simply press the video or phone icon which will initiate a video or audio call.
You will need to allow permission for your browser to access your camera and microphone.

desktop1.png call.png

3 Using chatroom features on the App

The following images show how you can use chatroom features from within the App

Image 1 - How to access the chatroom features;

Image 2 - the menu options;

Image 3 - video/audio call, plus how to send voice recordings and images;

IMG_2372.PNG IMG_2371.PNG

4 Adding media in chat

Adding media in chat couldn't be simpler as shown in the screenshots below.
Simply press the attachments selector then just choose file(s) you wish to send.
You can also send videos but they will be uploaded based entirely on your own upload speeds.

IMG_2589.PNG IMG_2590.PNG

5 Creating a new group (chatroom)

We've enabled members to start their own group (chatroom) for cam sessions or just 1-2-1 private chats.
By doing this, you can start your own group and invite as many members as you wish, if you want to cam to either one other member or a group.
To do so, open chat > new group > name > choose options (public/pass protected/invite only) invite members > start camming or chatting... Job done.


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