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'Chat' features


This is a basic guide and coverage of what features are currently available in chat...
Our chat system is quite extensive with a plethora of features.
Not only is it feature packed, but it's safe too.
You do not need to give out any extra phone numbers, ID's, unknown app handles/usernames or risk having the other person(s) having your private details.

The chat is secure, is encrypted and on top of that, you can report people who are persistent or don't take no for an answer. Plus you also have the facility to block said members too.

From within the chat itself you have the following features:
  • Cam directly using PC/Mac/Desktop or Mobile using the App
  • VOIP (audio) calls
  • IM (instant messaging) messages
  • No need to send private numbers out
  • Push alerts of messages and received files
  • Send images to the rooms or 1-2-1
  • Send videos to the rooms or 1-2-1 (your upload speeds place a variable on delivery time though)
  • Broadcast a cam to a full room
  • Cam 1-2-many in a private group camming session
  • Change the colour of your text
  • Smilies and some native emojis supported
  • Handwrite messages
  • Take a photo and immediately send it
  • Send recorded audio
  • View member profiles
  • View chat history
Any questions or comments then please feel free to ask away in the discussion thread.
Thank you
Admin x

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