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Days Of The Week - In Photos


This is part of our ongoing extension of our FAQ.
This is discussing the DoTW forums & the rules, outside of the forums itself - which is especially handy if you have been removed or don't have access to them yet - specifically a new member and you're curious as to what they are.
What are these DoTW forums?
The area is for (as stated) days of the week in pictures. It's for fun and to fluff your feathers a little.. It also strives to possibly help getting people together and chatting.
We will lock the threads and open them on each given day and the post within the forum area itself, gives an idea as to what photos are for what day,

It's open to PV'd members only, not even those on their grace period.

The rules are simple. Contribute and follow the day's theme; IE Fishnet Fetish Friday for example.

Also, if members are viewing these forums without actually contributing they will have their access revoked.
They are member content driven and as such you are expected to participate.
Granted, we know some of you may only pop in to see what the fuss is about which is fine, but for the lurkers it's simple; contribute or be removed.
If you get removed from these forums for lack of participation then you have an option. Get involved and request the ban be removed - or simply leave it as it is.

Additionally I'd like to point out that even though all staff are here at hand to help, realistically this is Therapon & Miss-Sexy-Legs baby.
What they say goes and their decision is final.

Enjoy all, please keep it fun for everyone.
Admin x

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