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Forum Rules


The forums are meant to be fun please treat others as you'd expect to be treated. If you feel you are getting frustrated or writing angry messages you're probably best taking a break from the forums and coming back to them.
Notice - this list is not exhaustive and is edited regularly.


Social Swinging are not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts ("Content"). Content submitted express the views of their author only.
Links to other sites
While we understand you may wish to discuss other sites, please refrain from doing so as it is harmful to our site and community.
Linking to any other sites, including in private messages and chat - to encourage our members to join other sites, is strictly forbidden. If caught doing so, you will be reprimanded and/or removed from the site.

It's not allowed based purely on the sole purpose that it's a way of diverting/detracting members away from the site.

However we do allow some links and as a guide you can link to:
Any well recognised news site and sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube and so on.

What posts aren't allowed
Posts inciting hatred, sexism, racism or any form of malicious content, are prohibited.
You are not permitted to use the forums to 'out' people or name and shame.

No personal attacks
Please don't use the forums as a means for personal attacks. If you have an issue with someone, block them. If you find a post you're not happy with then just ignore it but if it breaks the rules report it.

Disputing staff decisions
All staff here are volunteers who try and keep the site safe and clean for your benefit.
If you think we've made a mistake (we're human so we of course accept that mistakes or misjudgements do happen), the forum isn't the place to discuss it. Please contact Admin directly and we'll review it. If you have general feedback on site moderation or administration, you can post it to the site suggestion and help forum.

No phone numbers, addresses, personal details ****(Spam)**** etc
You are forbidden from advertising anything relating to personal information. This includes advertising including but not limited to; other sites, phone numbers, email addresses, any social media site, your tag/handle. It goes without saying; please refrain from doing so on the site and specifically on the public forums.

Forum Timeouts/Temporary bans
If you've broken any of our forum rules or we consider it in the best interests of the community, we may issue you a timeout/temp ban from posting or even viewing.
You'll receive a message explaining what you did wrong and how long it lasts.
Timeouts and Temp bans will expire automatically based on the duration given.
Please don't use any other accounts to try and get around timeouts because they will banned.

Private messages mean private
Please don't post private messages to the forums no matter what. It is strictly against site rules.
Unless you have been specifically asked by any staff to provide copies of anything, you should use the report button to report anything unwanted or in breach of the site rules.

Access to the community and site is a privilege, not a right, and members who continually breach these rules will find themselves limited or removed from the community and site, regardless of any contributions of content they have made.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

We are acutely aware that everyone's tastes are different and within reason we will try to accommodate everyone.

However, we reserve the right to remove any content deemed within breach of these rules, or that may be deemed as highly offensive.

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