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    Media : Creating an Album


    When joining the site members are automatically allocated space to create an album (or albums) where you can upload your personal media. Details on what is acceptable media can be found here

    How to create an album

    1. Select the Menu button at the top left of the screen

    2. Select the Gallery icon

    3. Select the Add Media button

    4. You now have two options, select An album from the list and then using the drop down list select Create an album


    5. Once the Create an album has been selected you will be able to give the album a name and also a description. In the screenshot below the album is called My Album, the description My photos. Once named select your privacy settings by clicking on the drop down menu.


    6. You can select from the following privacy settings

    • Owner Only - Only the owner can view the media

    • People You Follow - Only the members who you follow can view the media

    • All Members - All members can view the media

    • Custom Users - Only the members you name can view your media​

    7. To finish creating your album select the Create Album button at the bottom of the screen

    You can have more than one album, each with different privacy settings so you could for example have one album with for all members to view and another with more explicit media limited to people you follow, the choice is yours.

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