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Media : How to Check/Amend Album privacy setting


Once an album has been created you can check or change the privacy settings at any time.
If you want to check or change the settings on your album(s) please use the following steps.

1. Click your Icon/Name toward the top right of your screen

2. From the drop down menu select Your Profile Page

3. Select the Albums button


4. You will now see a list of your albums and at the bottom of each image you will see the album name and below that in the bottom right hand corner the current privacy setting.


The privacy settings are;

Members: All members can view the media
Followed: Only people you follow can view the media
Shared: Only the listed members can view the media

5. To change privacy settings click on the selected album name to open the album. On a mobile scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you reach the Album Permissions section. On a PC the permission are at the top right. Select Change Permissions


6. The Change Permissions window will open where you can now select the option you require. Once selected click the Change Permissions button to save the new setting.


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