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Media - Uploading videos


Please read this if you need details on how to upload a video. Video uploads are limited to a max of 150mb

1 Uploading video

If you want to upload a video but not sure how then this guide is for you.

From the Home page select Photos

Screenshot_20181005-195946_Samsung Internet_1538766056985.jpg

The Media page will be displayed, select Add Media


On the Add Media page select the option A site catagory then click the down arrow on the right hand side of the option box.


When the pop up menu appears select Video
Screenshot_20181005-194421_Samsung Internet_1538765123496.jpg

On the Add Media page select Upload Video


You will now have to locate the video on your device and select it for uploading. Once the upload has completed you can optionally add a title and some info about the video. When done select Save Media.


The video will be added to the default Video gallery, this can be viewed by any member who has Site Supporter status. If you wish to limit who views the video (as you can with your photo's) then you will need to move the video into one of your Albums. To do this, from your Profile page select Media.


Locate the video, click on it to open the file and then select the Move button.


When the Move Media window opens select the option One of your albums and click the down arrow to the right hand side of the option box.


Select the album you want when prompted and then select Move Media. The video will now be moved into your selected album.


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