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New to the site, need help?


A quick guide to finding your way around the site.
So you are new, you came from a different site and trying to navigate around this site.

Firstly you will find the site a little different from any other, it really isn’t that difficult to find your way around but like anything new, take your time to look around and familiarise yourself with the Menu which is located at the top left of your screen.The Menu provides links to the most commonly used areas of the site. It is simply point and click.

Note: Some areas of the site are only available to Site Supporters, to become a supporter please take the option to Upgrade your account

Menu links

Home: Click this to take you to the websites Home page. The Home page has links to all the areas of the site and is an easy way to find what you are looking for.

Articles: Click this to see a list of various articles about swinging.

Photos: Here you can add your own media or look at others media (unless they have limited who can view their photo’s). You need to be a Site Supporter to get full access to the galleries.

Chat Click this to access the Chat Room. The Chat room is currently being updated but you can to anyone in the Cockwell Inn.

Events: A calander view of events from both clubs and individual members. You can create your own events here.

FAQ: The first place to go to if you need help. Remember you can also tag any staff member from a post on your profile and we will respond as quickly as we can.

Forums: This is the main social area of the site where you can join in the discussions. There is a wide range of topics, some serious some hilarious and of course you can create your own threads. If you are new then why not create an Hello thread to introduce yourself. The forums are the best place to get yourself known.

Account Upgrades: Click this icon to upgrade your account to get the full benefits from the site.

Browse: Click this if you want to search the site for other members. You can tailor your search by Username, Location, Distance, Type and age. The page also lists the newest members.

Members Meets: This is where you can see what meets have been created. These may be individual meets or social events at clubs. You can add your own events here.

Swinging Clubs: A list of Swingers clubs by name, locations etc.

Recent Activity: Here you can see what the most recent posts on profile or threads.

[B[Other Task bar options[/B]

Your Profile icon: Click this to take you to your profile page.

This is your shop window. This is where you add information about yourself, see your recent posts, your media, albums and verifications. The more details you add the better, people like to know who you are, what you like, your preferences etc. Of course you only need to add the minimum information but many members will simply skip over a blank profile, so try to make it interesting, tell other members about yourself. It really does make the difference. If you're stuck take a look at some other profiles to get an idea of what to add.


Click on the messages tab at the top right of the screen (message are often referred to as a PM or Private Message). Using this tab you can chat with individuals or a group, maximum 5 participants. All chats are private and can only be read by the message participants.

Alerts: If you have an alert you see a red number at the top right of the page. Alerts can be a reply to a forum, a profile update, a "like" on one of your post etc.

General Info

We expect all members to show respect to others. Harassment, flaming or bullying will not be tolerated and anyone found to be involved in this may receive a warning, temporary or permanent ban. This applies to the forums, chatrooms and private messages.

Media must comply with all UK laws, any media found to be in breach of the law will be deleted immediately and the poster will receive a warning, temporary or permanent ban.

If you do find something that you believe should be dealt with by the staff then you can contact them directly via a PM. Please note some staff members are not contactable by chat or PM. If you need to report the content of a PM then please do not delete the message as this may be required later for investigation.
You can also use the Complaints section in the forums and finally you can simply add a profile post to ask for help.

So add your personal information, join in the forums and good luck. Enjoy.

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