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    Site Etiquette


    What really is expected behaviour for the site.
    This is part of our ongoing amendments of our FAQ.
    Here on Social Swinging, we have a set precedence on how you are expected to behave towards others.
    Good etiquette is an expectation from you and you should conduct yourselves accordingly.

    We do expect people to approach others with the correct manners and behaviour.
    Contacting people with "FaF" (Fancy a fuck) messages is frowned upon by the whole community. It won't get you far.

    Writing the same type of posts on people's profiles is also frowned upon by us and will be removed.

    Derogatory comments on profiles and/or photos/media are completely unacceptable and will be removed.

    As a general rule of thumb - the best approach to have, would be the same as if in a swingers club;
    1. Be polite,
    2. Be considerate
    3. Do not have any expectations
    4. Just because you are in PM's with someone, it doesn't mean they will meet you
    5. Do not assume, ever
    6. No means no, end of
    7. Do not send unwanted images, explicit or not
    8. Ideally you should ask before following another account
    9. Respect the gentleman in the couples' partnership - he is there too, don't ignore him and only focus on the lady
    10. Act as if you would in real life. Behave accordingly and have respect for others.
    11. If you are a couple, please consider mentioning when speaking to others - whether it's Mr, Mrs or you both in dialogue. This saves any embarrassment and any awkward advances.

    Always approach people with the same conduct as you would in every day to day life as if in a pub or café for example. You wouldn't get your shlong out in a pub with all the lads would you? So don't do it here.... unless asked of course ;)

    Be mindful when talking to other people. Whether swingles or couples, always approach with the correct manners and etiquette.
    If someone deeply offends you or upsets you, block and move on.
    If that person breaks the sites rules, then report it so we can deal with it.

    In this lifestyle, you will always go far by being polite, friendly and respectful. If you are not, then you won't get between the sheets with anyone.
    If you are not showing the correct etiquette and not getting anywhere then ask yourself why?

    Good site etiquette is something we expect from all members. A poor show on someone's profile will always be removed.
    Remember, behind that account's avatar, is a real person(s) with real feelings. Treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.
    Also, requesting and sending other information regarding apps and other sites, is something we take very seriously as it ultimately undermines your community and your swinging site.
    It is also a bannable offence. So please don't do it.

    Offensive behaviour and lack of etiquette towards others, is frowned upon by the site and its members - and will lead to restrictions if reports are made.

    Hope this helps and also this may be regularly edited as part of our ongoing amendments to our site's FAQ.
    Admin x

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