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    Statement of Purpose


    Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose

    The site is here to provide a social medium to the swinging scene, we welcome
    genuine members who wish to meet, converse and correspond with like minded members
    within the swinging community, safe in the knowledge that the owners and staff are
    here to maintain that safe medium for members to relax and participate in this, their
    chosen pastime. The site will endeavour to maintain the high standards set forth when
    it was created, and members will likewise be expected to conduct themselves in a manner
    acceptable to the rank and file. In accordance with those goals we have set up a few
    guidelines in order to help our members act in a manner we would consider conclusive
    to an harmonious, social and beneficial atmosphere.

    We would expect members to act with civility and politeness at all times, due deference
    will be shown to female members, derogatory and insulting remarks will be acted upon swiftly.
    Grievances between parties should be brought to the attention of a member of staff,
    disputes will not be aired on the public forums. We would also ask that members refrain
    from posting sexually explicit images on the public forums, and keep such images to their
    private galleries, although photo's prohibited by the UK laws will not be allowed , even
    in private galleries.

    Site etiquette is another requirement of members, we fully promote and endorse good humour,
    and banter, but please bear in mind other members right to privacy, especially in relation
    to disclosing personal information about other members. As members get to know each other
    then a certain familiarity and frivolity is expected, this does not mean however that this
    frivolity with one member is applicable to another, so we expect a degree of civility to be
    adhered to, especially by new members just joining the site.

    The site will not tolerate bullying, racism, descent or disharmony amongst its members,
    if this should occur, then the membership of the instigator shall be terminated forthwith.
    Members joining with ulterior motives or deliberately false or misleading information
    contained on their profiles will also have their memberships revoked. Should any disciplinary
    action be deemed necessary by the staff, the member will be notified of the course of action
    and the reason(s) it was taken, these actions are not subject to appeal.

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