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Swinging Terms - Swingers Glossary


Most of the terms and phrases commonly used in swinging.

1 Swinging Terms - Swingers Glossary

There are *many* terms used in the scene, although this list is not exhaustive, we've compiled the most used/referenced.

If you spot any mistakes or think something should be added, let us know!

· AC/DC bi-sexual person

· Airtight... used to describe when a female has all her holes (mouth, pussy and ass) filled either with cock, or, if not enough guys are available, cock and penis substitutes.

· BBC Big Black Cock

· BBW Big Beautiful Woman

· BDSM Bondage Discipline / Dominance submission / Sadism Masochism

· BD Bondage/Discipline

· BF Boyfriend

· BHM Big Handsome Man

· BiM Bisexual Male

· BiF Bisexual Female

· CD Cross-dresser

· CPL Couple

· CTOA Can Travel Or Accommodate

· DDF Drug and Disease Free

· DP Double Penetration

· FA Fat Admirer

· Fuck Buddy

· F2F Face to Face, Meeting in Person

· FWB - Friends With Benefits

· GBF Gay Black Female

· GBM Gay Black Male

· GSOH Sense of Humour

· GWF Gay White Female

· GWM Gay White Male

· GF Girlfriend

· GSOH Good Sense of Humour

· HWP Height & Weight Proportional

· IR Inter Racial

· ISO Insignificant Other

· ISO In Search Of

· LDR Long Distance Relationship

· LTR Long Term Relationship

· MBA Married But Available

· MILTF Mother I'd Like To Fuck

· MFF - Male Female Female threesome.

· MMF - Male Male Female threesome.

· NS Non Smoker

· NSA No Strings Attached

· PA Photo Appreciated

· QT Cutie

· RACK: risk-accepted consensual kink

· RL Real Life

· SALT Single and Loving It

· SO Significant Other

· SPERM - Single Persistent ERect Males. A term some use to refer to single males. As above i assume many men may find this offensive too.

· Spit Roasted
The position when a woman is on her hands and knees with a guy behind her doing her doggie style while another male is in front of her and she is sucking on his penis. Looks very much like a pig being roasted on a spit.
Trixie was the life of the party when she was spit roasted in front of the crowd.

· SSC: safe, sane and consensual

· TG Transgender

· TIC Tongue in Cheek

· TS Transsexual

· TV Transvestite

· TOY Thinking of You

· Unicorn - Single bi fem. Often illusive, but they do exist. Do not refer to them as such to their face, many find this term offensive.

· VWE Very Well Endowed

· WLTM Would Love to Meet

· YKINMKBYKIOK: Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK

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