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Uploading Your Media for the First Time


How to upload your media when you first join us

Uploading Your Media for the First Time

Adding media when you first join

This is something a lot of newcomers have trouble with and we are
always being asked 'how' so hopefully this will help.

Firstly when you join this site, and in order to gain full access - you have to upload 3 genuine photo's of yourself,
( one of each of you if you are joining as a couple ). So where do
you start ? simple . . below is a a step by step guide to uploading
your first media on the site.

1. go to the menu tab on the top left of the page and 'click' gallery.
2. underneath the 'menu' tab you will see 'Add Media', click on that.
3. you now have the 'add media' page in front of you, click on the second
button down . . 'An Album', now in the drop down box simply choose
'create an album'.
4. You now have a box on the screen with several drop down selections,
as this is your first album, for the title simple type in 'Profile Pictures'
this can easily be edited at a later date should you wish to change it.
5. the next drop down box will have 'Album Description' simple describe
the photo's you are putting in this album 'our photo's' is a good start.
6. Now in the next box you have to choose who you want to be able to see your
photo's, there are several settings, this depends on the level of privacy
you want for the images.
7. The last drop down menu is 'Add media to album' the usual setting for this
is 'owner only' this allows you and you alone to add media to your album.
8. You're almost done ! click 'Create Album' and you are back to the 'add media'
9.Your album should now be in the drop box frame, if you wish to upload a photo
make sure the 'upload an image' bar is highlighted in Orange, then simply
click on the black box with 'Upload Image' in white letters, and this will
take you to your computer files. You may upload upto 5 images at one time
by simply choosing the files while depressing the Control key and clicking
your selected images.
10.You will now see a loading bar moving across your screen for each photo you
have chosen, when the upload is finished the thumbnail will display the photo
and you have the option to name the photo, and put a brief description of the
photo in the dialogue box, when you have done that just click 'Save Media'
and you are done !!

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