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  1. Xtasia

    Twisted Halloween Fright Nite @ Xtasia 30th Oct

    HALLOWEEN FRIGHT NITE FRIDAY 30th October 2015 At Xtasia in West Bromwich A night of full on rock/metal with the naughty extras of a great club Time to dress up and have some fun Dressed up admission price Couples £15 - - Single Females £5 - - Single Males £25 “SEXY HORROR” – “DIRTY ZOMBIE” –...
  2. Xtasia

    MacMillan Charity Night @ Xtasia 11th-12th Dec

    We are hosting another Macmillan charity event at Xtasia with this one being a 2 night party to give single males the chance to attend. Last year we raised over £1,400 and collected over 250 presents. We’re hoping to smash that this year with all your help. Friday is BMFC night and the lovely...