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  1. The-A-Team

    1st Night Play

    Ok curious question, we've met a lot of couples/singles, that on initial first meets, continue through to full play, and without any hesitation, on the first night, And yes, tbh, we have too, on some odd occasions, in fact probably most, if were totally honest. And yet all the guides...
  2. The-A-Team

    A Curious Question For The Couples On Here

    Who Decides the nitty gritty essentials and do’s and dont’s for possible FIRST meets with other “Couples or singles” is it a joint thing, or does just one of you take the lead on dealing with, and sorting things on behalf of you both. From My point of view, I have to be honest, I hate the lead...
  3. The-A-Team

    Member Search

    Just a small niggle, We have noticed, especially as the Site expands, the member search facility is not very accurate within the listed search boundaries/categories other than username. (Which is spot on), I know the general understanding, that a search is only as good as what people put on...