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  1. riccarda

    Townhouse Up Coming Changes!!!

    There are quite a few changes coming up that you all need to be aware of: Our kinky karaoke/Thongs of Praise karaoke and Sunday Spit Roast Events events will now be FREE Entry from immediate effect but it will be a guestlist event to control numbers, so you will need to email us or call us to...
  2. TownhouseTwosome

    What Do You Look For In Toys And Lingerie?

    I'm after some feedback really guys if you wouldn't mind helping? Townhouse have been selling toys for ages but we are stepping up a notch and launching our new website Townhouse Toys later this year. What I envisioned was a site that offered high end toys and good quality toys but at a...
  3. TownhouseTwosome

    Sorry We've Not Been Around....

    Just a quickie to apologise for our lack of presence since October/November. We fully support this site and openly promote it on our info telly in the club, hand out cards (we need more!) and tell all new members to join this site as opposed to others. So just because we are not as active on...