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6th Anniversary Weekend At The Va

Event: 6th Anniversary weekend at The VA
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by TheVA, 23 February 2017.

Please come and join the team at The VA to celebrate 6 years of fun and laughter as well as some naughtiness….
Can you believe its been 6 years since we first opened the doors and you lot made this the best place to party.
We cannot thank you enough for all the support and friendship you have shown us over those years, please come and party with us in your lingerie and make some more happy memories.
  1. TheVA

    TheVA VIP Member PV

    Admin created a new event:

    6th Anniversary weekend at The VA

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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Obviously out in newsletters
  3. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    Good Morning and Happy Birthday VA (well almost, as actual anniversary of opening night is on Sunday). 6 great years to celebrate tonight (Friday) and on Saturday. Congratulations to Scott, Jules, Daks and the rest of the team. Looking forward to partying with all the regular visitors and any new ones that may care to join us.
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Many congratulations to all at the VA :)
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  5. Im looking forward to seeing this mad lot again. X
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  6. Steed99

    Steed99 Oldest Swinger In Town PV Sprtr

    Are you sure? :boobies:
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  7. Oh i say Sir Steed looking ravashing.. :sneaky:
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  8. I'll be there Saturday night with the gorgeous @billy55 xxx
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  9. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Enjoy both x
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