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Abfabparties Clothing Optional Spa Party

Event: AbFabParties Clothing Optional Spa Party
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by AbfabParties, 16 January 2017.


(couples, single ladies and single guys)

Open to all existing members and new guests too....for people who prefer to party and experience our luxury amenities unclothed.

Enjoy our fabulous spa facilities "au naturel".

Dress code: Clothing optional - naturist (unclothed), towels/bath robes, lingerie, sexy dance wear, casual wear. We provide towels and complimentary tea and coffee.

Please note we are a non-smoking venue. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking shelter.

No need to book for this particular party - simply turn up with your existing membership card, or 2 proofs of ID if you are a new guest.

Entry contribution: £30 per couple / £10 per single lady / £40 per single guy.

A membership fee applies to new members.

Registering for AbFabParties membership at a Tuesday or Wednesday night naturist party means that you are eligible to book online to attend our Friday and/or Saturday night parties which are NOT naturist.

  1. AbfabParties

    AbfabParties VIP Member PV

    AbfabParties created a new event:

    AbFabParties Clothing Optional Spa Party

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  2. Hi do you have parties for single gents during saturday evenings?
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  3. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    I believe they do on Friday evenings, not sure about Saturdays - I believe Saturday is for couples & single females. Take a look at their web page for more info.

    @AbfabParties can you confirm please
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  4. Hi
    Do you know any swingers club in london that caters for single gents during Saturdays
    Last edited by a moderator: 25 January 2017
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  5. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

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  6. AbfabParties

    AbfabParties VIP Member PV

    Hi, sorry for the delay, we host parties Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays which allow single Guys. Saturdays are for couples and single ladies only.

    Hope to welcome you at one of our parties
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  7. Therapon

    Therapon Admin Sprtr

    Thanks guys (y)
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