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About My Ex's Ex

Discussion in 'Fantasy & Story Forums' started by Lancsdude, 11 February 2016.

  1. I write quite a bit, film plots, short stories... this one was to amuse a swinger friend of mine who's first husband was the love of her life, until she discovered what he was into...

    Big Tease

    The guys were all in the pub waiting for her call, so there was no time to waste. She put the kitchen chair in the middle of the front room, he sat on it, and she gaffer-taped his ankles to the legs, taped his hands behind the back, kissed him with raging passion, bit a few inches of tape off and stuck it over his mouth.

    Not long after the doorbell rang. “Its open,” she called out and stood there expectantly, wearing her favourite corset and hold-ups, perfume and a smile.

    She’d thought carefully about this bit. Greeting strangers in her knickers would say ‘in here is something I want filling’.Greeting them without any said ‘this wants pounding!’ And would save her having to stop to remove them. And anyway, the tingle and the trickle as the door began to swing open was worth it alone.

    In stepped three guys she recognised from their pics, with expressions she hadn’t anticipated. Politeness, surprise, pleasure and pure horn all rolled into one. But she wondered what to do with her hands.

    “Shut the door and come on in. There’s someone you need to meet.” And she turned to lead them into the front room. Again, her mind had played this part out carefully. She arranged them in a line using her hands on their shoulders and a quick kiss to signify, stay there’. Then she turned to her bound-beloved with awkwardness turning to pride, glee and anticipation.

    “This is wanker.” She explained.

    “Wanker, these are the guys I told you about.” And she stepped over to the line, who were looking at him unsure what to do and she knelt in front of the girst one, pulled his belt off, his flies down and his cock out. “This, is Aaron.” She said, holding out his cock as if it was his cocks name, not his.

    Aaron looked unsure. She waddled across to the next guy. Pulled him out too, and presented his cock, and introduced it as Barry. Then repeated it to her third lover, whose cock was called Colin. Now all called by a new name they all realised her ploy. And cared not, as she bade them strip completely and leave their things in a pile.

    She went over to her bound-buddy and he felt the tip of her nose affectionately touch his, her eyes smiling, darkly, sensually. What he didn’t see but the others did was her bare arse bent over in front of them, and a slight cheeky wiggle as she slowly switched her weight from knee to knee.

    Still they waited, respectfully, for her next suggestion. Which soon came along.

    She knelt in front of them all, took a cock in each hand, her face very close to the middle one, and as she slowly worked the passion into the growing rigidity she looked up at her Barry with her big beautiful eyes. Her hot breath was on his member, yet she stared on. His blood pumping into his shaft gave it a pulse, and she broke her gaze and sized up her first mouthful. And took it.

    Awkwardly at first she negotiated him into her mouth without letting go of either of the others. Then she settled into the bliss she had imagined, with two handfuls and a mouthful to play with.

    Hands reached down, onto her breasts, into the cups of her corset, fishing them out to be played with roughly, like mens men do - for their own handfuls of pleasure, not hers. With her encouragement they shuffled in close to each other, arms manfully appeared across shoulders as their nakedness touched for the first time. A difficult moment for most men, she handled it well by simply requiring it. And so it was out of the way. Some brief laughs of relief and manfully, now a team, they felt her take each one of them into her mouth and hands, working them up to the point she needed them all to reach. Hard. Hard enough to start fucking her. The whole point of her evening in. Their evening in her.

    “say hello to Aaron, please, wanker.” And he gave Aaron a muted, nasal “mmm, mmm”

    “Aaron’s going to fuck me. YOU’re going to watch. Aren’t I a lucky girl?”

    “mmmmmm” came the response, low and dutiful.

    “Say hello to Barry, wanker.”

    “mmm, mmm” came a dutiful reply.

    “Barry’s going to finger and fuck my arse. Aren’t you Barry.” She persuaded. Picking out the one she felt she might cope best with, longer rather than thicker, and without the huge head Aaron had.

    “mmmmhh” came a response, quickly met with a “shhh!”

    “Say hello to Colin. Wanker!” she re-affirmed her authority with her tone, expecting only silence unless asked for.

    “I’m going to see how far down my throat I can take Colin. He’s going to face fuck me.” And she paused for silence then added, “you’re going to sit there and watch. Aren’t you, wanker.”

    “mmm.” Came a short reply, and not much else was said for a good while.

    She arranged Barry and Colin either side of her bloke and leant on his knees, her own knees fairly wide apart on the carpet in front of him

    “Aaron?” she called.

    Aaron came to begin his task. He licked into his hand to wet her, and realise he hardly needed to when his fingers met her fanny. Her eyes glazed for a moment, yet still stared at her statue, challenging him for a grunted response, but demanding there was none.

    Aaron positioned himself behind her, one knee between hers and the other, expertly, beside her hips. Both knees on the floor was for gentle lovers and newbies. Better balance gives better control. And speed, and power. She felt him line up, she let go one knee to guide him in, and as his head pushed past and inside her she shuddered and forgot her out-staring game. This strangers shaft pushed deep into her and filled the ache she’d had all afternoon. He pumped her rhythmically, powerfully and without a lover’s soft pretence or slow build. It was glorious.

    Lost for a while she just enjoyed the pumping, her fingers clamped on her mans knees, eyes closed to the pleasure, pussy wide open to it. Then she was reminded to be a good hostess – a cock brushed her face. She took it into her mouth, inches from the house-male’s face and let go of his knee with one hand to seek out the other erection. As she chewed on it her eyes met her man’s. And she tried to hold his gaze. As Aaron’s thrusting stepped up she swapped hands and cocks, now grunting with pleasure, and not particularly for display purposes. Just her pleasure.

    Now completely sexed up and in the mood for a lot more she was ramming herself backwards onto his cock, timing him well, in a last few thrusts before she needed to swap. She didn’t want to come this soon. So it was time to push herself and her boundaries. She slowed and motioned for change. “Aaron, get that sticky wet cock up here, I want to taste me.”

    His teammates stepped back as he did as bid, slightly breathless, seemingly happy for a rest, and his cock appeared in front of her statue-like still sub’s face. She licked playfully, every inch of it, staring straight ahead. Hamming it up for him. And when she was done, announced the next stage. Wiggling back a few feet well onto the hearth rug, she put herknees together, and softly called, “Barry.” Then sank her arms to the floor.

    Sliding a condom onto his shaft he stepped up.

    Barry wasn’t new either. She’d checked their profiles with care. She expected him to take her with care, too. Although as his hands pulled her buttocks apart she hadn’t expected his tongue rimming her ring like that. It was exquisitely dirty and sensuous, and she gasped loudly into the shag pile. Licks and saliva followed. Then the bliss of abuse as he spat a mouthful onto her dirtiest entrance, and a finger suddenly pushed inside as another sought to wiggle her clit to ease its passage. Her toes curled as the finger wiggled, and her face tingled as a second finger joined it. When she could feel less tension in her hips she reached both hands back, to pull her ass apart for him. Wiggling his fingers up and around for a moment his other hand had been keeping his rod hard, and after spitting onto his hand and sliding it around his head he guided himself to her entrance. Her fingers digging into her own buttocks she pulled herself wide, wider, till they went white with the tension, willing him into her. His head pushed at her ring. Then pushed harder. She could feel it beginning to break in, and pushed back, urging him on. Suddenly, sharply, with a flash of pain and relief he was in and she could feel his shaft sliding past her ring up inside her, into safety, and tight warmth.

    Barry was no newcomer. Making this good for her was about his shaft, and her mental submission, not rubbing his head inside her for his pleasure. He wouldn’t be able to play at her entrance, head in and out, this was all about her tight ring being pushed to and fro. He wouldn’t have to use much of his length either, just enough for her to feel it sliding about. And him. That ring was still tight, but it would ease a little, and he could start going faster. Bang his balls to her fanny, grip her waist. Slap. And then caress a buttock. SLAP! The other one too. After a while he could feel her fingers frigging furiously, and her muscles eased a little for him. He tried more length, more slowly, more fully in, almsost entirely out. He could see how her soft arse was pulled to and fro by his thrustings.

    She could feel it too. It was so similar and yet so different to vaginal sex, the ins and outs were the thing, less so the filling. And she was nowhere near experienced enough anally to have him in and out of her entrance like she loved her other love tube to play. She remembered where she was, and why. Raising herself up onto her hands she stared in the direction of her man, chin up, though eyes closed, focussed on the fucking she was getting right here in front of him.

    And that was her moment. The depth of her submission. The point at which she no longer felt in control but was blissfully, happily, out of control, being abused for her own and his own enjoyment.

    “Colin.” She requested. When she felt the urge to complete her hat trick.

    He was newer, and likely to be softer, less demanding. He’d stay still while she sought a good throatful of man meat, without thrusting for more than she could take. So while her man looked on, and Aaron waited for more, cock in hand, and Barry had her ass to himself, she pushed her head down onto C’s cock and let the thrusts she was getting go through her body and impale herself bit by bit onto him. He didn’t jerk, just enjoyed. Once or twice she went too far, or missed her breathing, and retched. But she’d hardly eaten all day (good for that ass filling as well as face fucking) and she went back to his pole as soon as her quiverings subsided. Mesmerised at how deep she could take him, she played happily to herself for a while. Until she sensed movement, and her mind was brought back to the room. There was one more task for these three to fulfil. Pulling her head back clear of the messy sticky cock she was playing with, with one word she instigated it.


    She had Barry lie on the floor, his feet towards her lovers chair. She impaled herself, slowly, onto his cock till her ass was pleasantly full again. She had Colin stand beside her, and took his cock in her mouth again for a short while. Then she looked straight at Aaron and softly said, “fuck me.”

    He came to the front of her, six knees negotiated the space available, and he felt a weird tingle not entirely unpleasant, just worrying, as his balls brushed against a mans cock but his mission was underway. His head was once again at this glorious milf’s entrance, and he pushed inside.

    She was looking straight over Aaron’s shoulder at her man the whole time. As her hole was stretched wide and the second cock entered her she struggled to keep her bloke’s face in focus but she wanted to see his expression. She wasn’t disappointed in it. He was entranced.

    Aaron had never done DP before and was equally amazed. With his length inside her and still he could feel his team mates head sliding up and down in the next hole, sending sensations into his own knob head that he hadn’t expected. Mesmerised for a moment he enjoyed the feeling of his cock being fucked inside a woman’s body. Then something shook the bliss and he wasn’t sure if that hadn’t been a bit gay, so he slid his cock in and out of her, seeking after her pleasure yet seeing she was still transfixed on her mans face. His balls were slapping his mates balls, and the sensation increased. But this glorious woman was the focal point so there was no need for masculine alarm. This new pleasure was immense. Intense. A complete surprise and he gave over to its unique sensations.

    She could feel their unequal timing inside her. One going in as the other one out, both together, then out of sequence again, her perenium was a marvellous mayhem of movement, the stretch was sublime, the sensations extreme. With the thrusts random, without rhythm, all she could do was give herself over to their pleasure. And she wanted it to carry on till she came. She could feel that wave building strongly and doubted she’d be able to resist it this time.

    But that wasn’t in her game plan. She looked up at Colin and he guided his cock towards her mouth. With a glance at her bound loverboy she took the third member into her face and trying to ignore the pleasure between her legs thrusted onto it. Making herself engulf him helped her calm the wave.

    She’d never been so full of man meat. It haunted her thoughts for months, before and after this evening of wonderful breakthrough. But for now her debauchment was for viewing rather than doing. She took the three of them till they could take it no more. With the new sensations rippling through his dick Aaron was the first to come. In awe of the situation and completely alone in his own feelings his orgasm was deep, hard and lasting. He didn’t care that his semen was pumping into her, trickling out, down onto his mates balls as he shuddered and moaned. The wetness sent Barry over the edge and he pumped his seed upwards deep into her dark depths. And after they’d both, eventually, gone flacid and flopped out with the trickle of juice they’d been awaiting Colin was still to complete the set.

    With her hands busy steadying herself she only had her mouth for him, and he needed more.

    She released him as Aaron stepped off and sat back, exhaustedly content. She looked down towards the mess and glanced at her captive to make sure he was looking at it too.

    She climbed off, and as Barry slumped away she turned all her attention on Colin. She wanked him into her moiuth for a while, then switched to soft oral loving then her clenched hand again followed by the hardest throatfuck she could manage and back to wanking again for relief – hers and his. The comonation built waves of pleasure inside Colins bursting balls and it wasn’t long before his moans and shudders displayed to all his climax, shooting unseen into her now still and peaceful mouth, encouraged on by a little movement of her lips clamped on his shaft. With a hard look at her manacled man she let it all trickle from her grip, flooding down her chin, trickling onto her breasts and down eth black material of the corset, even to he thighs and the floor. She sucked hard on his tubes extracting the last drops with busy fingers, lips, mouth and suction. Only to let it trickle down her front again as she licked her lips provocatively in her bloke’s direction.

    “Time to leave us to it, guys.” Was all she had to say, to help them quickly back into each of their little piles of clothes and out the door, three happy teamsters, a few ‘keep in touch,’ ‘I’ll message you,’ and ‘have a great night’ well wishes saw them leave. She didn’t see them, her eyes were fixed on her mans.

    Standing there towards him till they’d gone she then pounced, pulling out his cock and mercilessly masturbating it, sucking it, rubbing her spunky vagina on it, sucking it, wanking harder still, unrelenting and desperate until she saw steams of semen shooting from him and sucked as much as she could into her mouth. Only pausing for the bare minimum of after-play she spat his seed into her left hand and sat back onto the sofa in front of him, her legs were as wide as she could comfortably spread them, and her right fingers were busy, rubbing her clit in hard circles, then the spit and spunk from her hand was smoothed into her fur and fanny and frigged furiously into the folds. The other hand was gathering spunk from her face and tits to mix with the rest.

    This was for him.

    And her.

    And came along very quickly.

    Trying so hard to stare at him while she climaxed her head threw back as the first huge pulses hit home. Looking back at him yet again she slowed, and played out every pulse, each judder, her hips thrusting out for more, her bitten lip then gasping and a cry straining as each wave came and went, to and fro.

    It was huge, and one she struggled to ever match.

    When at last her gasps turned to grasps for breath, and her rubbings turned into caresses, and the pleasure trip subsided, she closed her eyes and captured the moment for herself.

    With a weary but gleeful and sated smile she went out to the kitchen for scissors and cut his bonds.

    The one on his face he pulled away himself as she sat in his lap facing him, tucking boob back into her bodice, waiting for his words.

    Anyone else would have been surprised at his squeaky, camp, “greedy bitch, you could have saved some for me.”
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