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Just out of interest as we don't get on here that often. many actual meets have been instigated via this site. Don't get us all the banter and folk on here as it is really refreshing but never see anything about peeps actually meeting up for fun...could this be that we only access by mobile?
18 July 2015
Good morning both, I could tell you loads but I can't name, I can instantly think of over 20 with out thinking too hard, I shall see if I can round some of the troops up, like @Admin has said people here are very private and don't like shouting it out. We have even got a romance started from here xxx


It's good to hear that there is plenty of activity behind closed profiles so to speak :lol: The reason I posted was the fact I was asked by another member had I/we been on any meets, which then prompted the post.
@Therapon OK mate...will be leaving my place around 1ish Sunday


A particular meet as in singular I understand, unfortunately I missed out on the gentleman gift card when they handed them out, something about "no such thing as a gentleman farmer" :eek:
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18 July 2015
The thing is swinging sites are not for just meets, there are members that have no intention of meeting, some join sites for sexy chat or banter and company, there are many people who want company in a sexy way, some people join just to have a nosey at photos, there are many reasons and we have met a few. Being a tight community like this some people just want to be part of that xx
19 March 2015
We've met several times from here and seriously, we have repeated meets too but sadly some of our RL gets in the way.
But a yes here, meets had & in the pipeline too. x
(obviously not saying who, but in reality it's probably not hard to work it all out..)

Deleted member 2610

Hi as new single male to the site I'm hoping to meet up with you sexy people in the future. Don't want to be pushy but get to know people and see where it goes from there.
To me it's the whole package on this site, sexy chats; great photos; great conversation; friendly banter; good discussion topics. Keep up the good work (y) xx


Mobile? Its all i ever use tbh. Its just conveinent for me.. as for meets oh aye.. weve had a pretty naughty meet.. there are more on the horizon.. ill admit it, half the time.. the oppertunity is there.. but its my fault.. money, work Real life commitments get in the way. So yes people are meeting socially and sexually. I know of quite a few who have had rendevouz... :D