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Adventures In Chastity #1, The First 24 Hours

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Hey guys.

    so, I learned a lot! Ok, need to elaborate.

    Yesterday I bought a cb6000 from my local corner sex shop (yup, no grocery shop for me lol).

    After I read the instructions and worked out how to put the damn thing together, I tried on a few of the back rings and thought the 2nd biggest was the right size. I also chose the largest spacer as I have a nice thick cock, and I don't want atrophy as I make money off my cock, and love its size.

    First thing I learned is that when you fit the back ring and shut it. it behaves like a cock ring, and my cock grew very big and hard very quickly. So the front armour wouldn't even get over my head. Que a bag of frozen veg.

    This didn't work, so under a cold shower my bits went. when it had shrunk enough, as instructed I lubed the head with baby oil, and instantly had a rock hard ERECTION..... back in the shower!!!!!! After I managed to get the armour on and lock it shut. it felt just like forcing my cock up a tight arse hole.... Que another erection! But this time, it was locked up.... it felt painful... delightfully painful. I kept a regular check for blue balls though, was ok.

    After a while it died down and it felt like I was wearing a groin guard/box. Getting into the car to drive to work whilest wearing it was 'interesting'. As was bending over at work.. and squatting down at work! it also pulled my balls forward so every time my legs came together I squashed them a little. made me feel vulnerable and a bit horny.. owe at horny. Every time I leaned on something, I felt the cage and felt happy it was there.

    When I got home and all the chores were done, I decided to tease myself by watching porn.... Owe! lovely lovely owe! I posted a photo of my cock trying to escape. after I had finished with teasing myself, and my cock had shrunk again, I discovered 1 of my balls was retreating through the back ring. then it easily slipped off. So I told myself tomorrow I would put on the next size down (as I was going to bed and couldn't check for blue balls).

    Waking up in a cock cage with morning would is FUCKING PAINFULL. It was the pain that woke me up. my cock was growing longer and longer, dragging my poor balls with it. the smaller one was getting caught abit in the back ring. As much as I enjoyed that, I concentrated to stop it... took a while... owe.

    after I ate breakfast, I took it off for a shower. cleaned it then put on the next size down back ring... instant huge erection! into cold shower. baby oiled head.. instant har, you get the idea, into cold shower. managed to get the front armour on and lock tight. felt so good. so very very good. Again, car interesting, bending down interesting. I enjoyed it and it felt a lot more snug.

    When it came time to remove it ( I wont wear it when I am around my son), I noticed the smaller ball could get through again. it was then I realised I needed a smaller spacer to shorten the gap between the front piece an back ring, as this was the space it was escaping through. I have got the next size down ready to put on tomorrow.

    it felt weird all afternoon not wearing it. Like it felt wrong to have a free cock. It is going on tomorrow til Tuesday morrning and will only be removed when showering, though I plan to remove it once every few days to practice edging myself for longer. but no orgasms for me, saving my cum for my next client. (Also so it wont atrophy) will maybe right another blog on Tuesday, Looking forward hopefully 1 day having a partner/Domme who can be my keyholder, and all the stuff that hopefully goes with it!

    To be continued.
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