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Adventures In Chastity #2 Owe Lovely Owe

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    * Quick recap

    Last week i put myself into chastity to help me save up my cum for my clients (i am an escort). I bought a CB6000 from my local corner sex shop and the adventure began
    I will only be removing it to, 1 shower and clean the device, 2 to practice edging, 3 when my son is around.

    The reasons for these are, I have a nice big thick cock that makes me money, i dont want atrophy. I am a single dad and we have an open door policy and he crawls in bed with me in the morning.

    Some of the 1st things i experienced was getting the right sized back ring and spacer to stop pull off. You cant pea standing up and morning wood is agony.

    Day 2 in full chastity. (4 days since i last ejaculated,7 since last full orgasm)

    I removed my device just before picking up my son, and put it on straight after I dropped him off the next morning. I have found i do not like not wearing it. It just feels wrong not to have my cock under lock and key. Even when i shower and play with myself to see if I still get a rock hard thick hard on, feels wrong that some one else isnt in control of it.

    I have had to put the 2nd smallest spacer in to help prevent pull off, as my smaller ball kept slipping through. At this level it still can slip if I try hard when its warm and none horny. But i dont want to go down any further in case of atrophy, and i dont have any desire to pull it off then.

    Iam regularly teasing myself with porn on tumblr. It hurts so much when my cock grows big, and pulls my balls with them, and is constricted by the front armour. I have always liked cbt but this is a new level.

    Being woken up in cbt pain is now a constant, this makes me very happy. Morning wood is agony!! (sweet sweet agony).

    This is coupled by the fantasy that my Domme partner (whom i dont have, i am worefuly single) gets horny watching this and makes me eat her out.. which makes me more horny -> More in pain -> her more horny!

    It is fast becoming in my mind not just saving up cum, but of being kept locked up. I gave over control of my orgasms to a previous Domme partner and it was amazing. to give up something that as a man, is important to me.

    I hope this time it can go further with this device. To a Domme partner who gets off on this, who would get off on regularly teasing me, and denying me. On making me go down on her lots, of only allowing me 1 orgasm if i am a good sub, after a month in chastity.

    Part of this fantasy is a Partner Domme regularly reinforcing her sexual dominance over me with a strap on. Now i have enjoyed strap ons for years, but am thinking it would work if i was cock locked and couldnt play with myself as i always have done. Then I would feel powerless, no penile pleasure, just simply being used cause she can.

    still not sure how i feel about ruined orgasms. When i accidently do it to myself its meh. If a Domme did it to me for her amusement, I think i would feel differently but dont know.

    Day 3. (its 5 days since last ejaculated. 8 days since last full orgasm)*

    I wore it to work again, this time with a black lace thong. Unlike my other knickers, you can hear the padlock when I walk! I still love the feel of it. Its strange I am not flirting with any girls at work. I am not looking for a vanilla girl anyway, and they would all run a mile if the pulled down my pants and saw the CD, Maybe I am also saving myself for my next partner/Domme. Also my balls ae swelling, I can feel them more when I walk. when I stand still and put my legs together, there they are and it makes me feel vulnerable.

    I have just done 10 minutes of edging practice. i set a timer on my phone. unlocked my cock (left on the back ring) and put tumblr on. my dick got big thick and rock hard in no time. I alternated between hard and soft, single finger, or tapping the sweet spot. I was dripping precum in no time, nearly came quite a few times.

    Its hard to torture yourself like this though, when your dog thinks your in pain and keeps coming to check on you!!!
    When the timer went off i nearly cried. NO orgasms, NO ruined orgasms. VERY FRUSTRATED. I then sank my cock in ice water and locked it back up.

    oh, put the front armour in the ice water first, this will help force your cock to shrink when you put it on :)

    Feel free to comment, ask questions etc.

    Will write more in a few days.
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