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Adventures In Chastity #4, Painful Balls And Ruined Os

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Day 7 in chastity. 9 days since last orgasm 1 since last ejaculated :(

    last night had a mini ruin.... meh. felt so disappointed with myself. was going so well. think i lasted over 10 mins tho.
    As punisment my cage isnt comming off tomorrow morning, going to skip washing it. by the time i take it off i would of worn it for 34 hours straight. longest so far.

    After the ruin my libido has decreased slightly (made work easier), but is cumming (lol pun) back .. hard (2 puns in 1 sentence lol)

    I am going to go tease myself with more cuck porn now.

    My fantasys atm are still cuckold related. Femdom related. I wish i could give my keys to my imaginary partner Domme... maybe 1 day!

    Day 8 in chastity. 10 days since last full orgasm. 2 since last ejaculated

    wolk up this morning by my alarm, before the pain of morning wood kicked in, N not as intense as usual. i wonder if its because of the ruined orgasm.

    8am and already on tumblr teasing myself... bloody masochist! Read a great article on ruined O tho. I think when i am out of chastity but still single i may incorporate them into my self play, as apparently it helps you keep going if done right, dribbles out rather than fires.

    This morning i would of given the world to give a Domme an orgasm.

    Day 9 in chastity. 11 days since last full orgasm. 3 since i last ejaculated

    Since my mini ruin the other night, i havent been as horny, but my balls are still a bit swollen as it was only a mini ejaculation. they also badly need shaving!

    I have decided im going to try and go 30 days without orgasm, tho a potential client is wanting me to fuck his arse atm.

    I suppose i could give my self a ruin and keep going? yeah, will see how that goes!

    I removed my CD at 8pm, it had been on for 34 hours. I gave it a wiff, i was a bit pongy.. currently in the bathroom sink with anti bacterial hand wash.

    Still feels weird not having it on, looking forward to the day i surrender my keys to a Domme partner :)

    Day 10 in chastity. 12 days since last orgasm. 0 since last ejaculated

    After reading that if you have a propper ruined O, a dribbler rather that a squirter, a man will stay hard i decided to try it.

    I edged myself 3 times. then was able to have a dribbler.... then went limp.... who would of thought the internet lied. or maybe i did it wrong, dont know.

    Day 11 in chastity. 13 days since last orgasm. 1 since last ejaculated.

    Last night i needed sleep, and lots of it... so didnt help when i was wolked at 4am in utter utter agony as an early am morning wood erupted in my cage.

    the pain was so bad i knew i would be awake for ages.... so i took it off to go back to sleep :( i wolk up about 10am touching myself, edging, i was covered in precum.... wanted to cum so bad.

    so i got up, washed, washed the CD and put it back on. (after more teasing by an imaginary Domme "im going to fuck you, you may cum inside me, but it will be a ruined-O and you will lick me clean".... i have always eaten my own cum!

    going to put in tumblr and tease myself for a bit.

    Day 12 in chastity. 14 days since last orgasm. 2 days since i last ejaculated

    Wolk up in delightful pain, but not as intense. i figured out why. the nice pain is when the balls are stretched as my cock grows, also the pulling and skin burn on the back of my scrotom.
    The not nice intense pain is when my epididymus gets trapped between my testicle and the back ring.
    Soon as i was awake, i put on tumblr and tortured myself as usual. no pleasure for me, just pain.
    Thoughts so far this morning have been.
    'the mini ruined Os im having, its like bleeding excess air from a tyre'.

    'i love the hollow noise the CD makes when the padlock bounces when i walk around the house in my silky nightie, but its hollow cause it should be a reminder that i have given control of my cock to my Domme'.

    The phrase whisppered by a Dominant female voice, 'i know you want to do 4 weeks on 4 weeks off in chastity. But i think it should be 5 weeks on, 3 weeks off, to you consent to that baby? it will make me so happy, good subby' i get hard thinking about it... owe... owe...

    'I have an interview on tuesday, should i be caged for that'?

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