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Adventures In Chastity #5 Muffled Screams And Pervy Dreams

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Day 13 in chastity. 15 days since last orgasm. 3 days since i last ejaculated

    I spent yesterday afternoon out of chastity because i had my son. When he was asleep, and i hadnt got 'dad hat' on, it felt wierd not to be cock locked.
    But a plus is i can wear my nicer lace thongs, the ones i wouldnt want the guide pins to break!

    Day 14 in chastity. 16 days since my last orgasm. 4 days since last ejaculated

    I wolk up this morning (der deh der der derrrr blues riff)and immediately put on tumblr, i was oozing pre cum in an instant, was so hard, so strained, but not as painful. not sure why.

    I am going visiting my brother and his family at the end of the month, cant wear CD for 5 days. so i will extend my chastity for a week to make up.

    Have decided when i do my next chastity month (got the idea from tumblr), there will be daily edging again. But ONE ruined o around day 14. a runed O whilst caged with a magic wand. Apparently very frustrating when this is done to you. Maybe a dildo up my arse too.

    I have an interview this morning my suit trousers are tight and would show the guide pegs of the CD. ( i will be wearing my best black lace thong. will put it back on as soon as i get back home, for 3 hours b4 i get my boy. ATM i dont want to be uncaged un necessarily. At all.

    Maybe next time i do this, a new partner Domme who has read this will take over, make it her own and adapt this to her views and desires... Dream on Dan. Dream on, dream on, with hope in your balls.. and you neeeeveerrr eeeedge aloooonnnneeee. youl NEEEEVEEEER edge.... alone lmao

    Well, after then interview (uncaged) I cam home and immediately put on the back ring and set up the ice water. I decided to go further than ever, I baby oiled the hell out of my cock with timer set for 15 mins. then proceded to edge myself with the magic wand. I was oozing precum in seconds, I was aching so badly to cum. (apart from a quick interruption by my worried dog who thought I was in pain) I edged this way for 15 mins solid. I was whipering most of the time as I had never edged with my powerful magic wand before.

    I took vids and pics and posted on here and twitter.

    Then the timer rang. I screamed a bit as I dragged myself into the bathroom (still wanking my baby oiled cock and submerged it in ice water. a long muffled scream and a quick sob occurred. I watched my monster thick big hard on shrink down in 2 mins, watched it fight to stay hard. Then once it was small enough I fought to get it back in its cage. I felt so pent up, frustrated, hard done too (by myself!!!).

    I went down stairs, frustrated and down and did chores for a few hours, with a brief tumblr break whilst cock locked. I wonder if my next partner Domme will torture me as bad as i torture myself?

    I then took it off, washed it and put it away so I could go get my son, then dad hat took over. He is now asleep and I'm aching to be cock locked again.

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