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Adventures In Chastity #7, Cocked, Locked And Not Allowed To Rock

Discussion in 'BDSM & Fetish Forums' started by BatDan, 8 November 2017.

  1. BatDan

    BatDan PV

    Day 19 in chastity. 21 days since ls orgasm. 0 days since lasted ruined )

    Again as soon as the CD comes off, i cant stop playing with myself
    unfortunately it resulted in a small ruined O. i then had to put on my dad hat.
    Even tho my son has been asleep for hours, and i have looked at tumblr, i am not horny at all. Its wierd that my mind isnt consumed by horn

    Day 20 in chastity. 22 days since last orgasm. 1 day since last ruined O

    This morning i still wasnt feeling horny, and this made me feel guitly (as in my head this would be the last thing a Domme would want). when i got back from school run i decided to fix it.

    So i took a wand to my locked, lace thong wearing cock. Imagining my imaginary Mistress was doing it and teasing me. Quickly was hard and horny.
    Put the back ring on and kept going. then dunked in ice water, locked, then wanded again!!!

    apart from that, not really been horny today. weirdly quiet in my head.

    Day 21 in chastity. 23 days since last orgasm. 2 days since last ruined O

    Awoke by the pain of my morning erection. i believe now as a sub in chastity its the only proper way for me to wake up.

    Today i wanded myself whilst cock locked. it resulted in a massive ruined o. I now know i could orgasm in chastity and it would be a big one, may have that as my 1st orgasm in 30 days prize.

    horny a lot to day.

    Day 22 in chastity. 24 days sine last orgasm. 1 day since last ruined O

    Today i woke up in pain, and took the CD off so i could go back to sleep. Maybe a good idea to tie my hands behind my back next time lol. find it so hard (pun so intended to keep from playing with myself.

    After i had so many people like a pic on twitter about me dunking my edged cock in ice water, i decided today to video it.

    I edged for about 25 mins with wand and baby oil. dunked, locked, then wanded again! Was so frustrating, the water so painful, i loved it.

    Today is my last day in chastity until i get back from my brothers on monday. as soon as i get home, its going back on.

    4 days off with family in Aberdeen

    Day (technically) 23 in chastity. 28 days since last orgasm. 5 since last ruined O.

    So, not being cock locked at my brothers was good as i took him rock climbing, I awoke every morning playing with myself. Worried as the the volume in me must be considerable!

    When I got home, before I unpacked I had locked myself up, have uploaded pic of that too lol.

    I found that I missed it in the background of my mind, but not the foreground. I think when it comes to my end of the 30 days, I wont miss it that much. I have enjoyed it immensely and hated it immensely too lol.

    I had an email from a client today saying he wold pay me £20 for a condom full of my fresh cum, I should say £30 just because of the volume it will be if he buys it lmao.
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