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All Female 'indulgence' Party @ Townhouse 28th July

Event: ALL FEMALE 'INDULGENCE' Party @ Townhouse 28th July
Discussion in 'Club Promotions / Events' started by riccarda, 15 July 2016.

Our ALL GIRLS nights have been running for over 1 1/2 years now and they are consistently busy and so much fun!!

The concept of 'Indulgence' is an evening of 'Me' time. It's escapism from real life and indulging in some treats, purchases and sometimes, therapies. It's also a night of fun and filth!!!

The event is open to non members who are bi/gay, bi curious or even straight girls who just want a girlie night!

This month we have all sorts going on early in the evening before the naughty fun starts later! lol

So what's in store?....

We will have a dark room set up for those who prefer to feel their way! If you need a bit of 'guidance' then glo bands will be available to help you along! lol

We will have an Erotic room where there will be massage oils, candles, soft music and foodie treats for you to play around with, i.e. melted chocolate, strawberries, squirty cream...you get the idea lol

Our therapist will be on hand to offer free Indian Head Massage and Reiki as always; it's the best 15 minutes you'll have in a long time!! You can book your time slot on arrival.
We will have a fun £10 and under fashion show! I will have a range of sexy skimpies on offer which will all be under £10 and I thought it would be fun if our ladies could model the items for us and do a little strut. Anyone can model for me, regardless of shape, size, age, so don't be shy!! https://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/biggrin.gif

We will have our ever popular bouncy castle once again for naked frivolities! lol It should be warmer this time!!! https://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/eek.gifhttps://www.****(Spam)****.com/icons/s/mrgreen.gif

We will have an amazing local retailer with us selling all sorts of toys and 'implements' for you to have fun with later on!

We will also be playing some super fun games to get everyone laughing, relaxed and in the mood for some naughtiness later on! Great for those who are new to the club or still finding their bisexual 'feet' lol I will give you some clues about the games as the event draws nearer!

We get anywhere upto 50 ladies at this party and we have such a great laugh! Nobody is left out as our greeters/ hosts make sure that everyone is included and made to feel welcome. The dress code is whatever you feel comfortable in...no strict code for this party to facilitate that relaxed and no pressure vibe.


28th July
6.30pm til 1.30am


£10 entry

Non members more than welcome

See you there...
  1. riccarda created a new event:

    ALL FEMALE 'INDULGENCE' Party @ Townhouse 28th July

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