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    Amour Swinging Club

    Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Admin, 30 August 2015.

    1. Admin

      Admin Site Owner Admin

      Amour Swinging Club and Spa opened it’s doors in June 2014 and in a short time, has become a hugely popular venue for the swinging community, not just locally but nationally. Focused on providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, within immaculate and tasteful play rooms and social areas, our staff pride themselves on generating a feel good fun vibe in a safe and inclusive environment.

      At Amour, we embrace those new to the scene, those exploring clubs alone and our staff are on hand to provide any support and advice you need to ensure you have a comfortable and memorable experience.

      Our clientèle are a range of ages with a great balance of couples, considerate single males and we also enjoy a phenomenal amount of single ladies who feel comfortable within our warm welcoming club.

      Last edited: 3 September 2015
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      • chopper

        chopper Rgstd

        A newer club with a good, friendly atmosphere and worth a visit
      • Pearls

        Pearls Site Owner Admin

        Looks very inviting xx
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        • Great club. Very conveniently located for public transport and large car park near by. A good variety of playrooms which are clean and inviting. Social area is large and the fact it is not immediate dress down may appeal to newbies. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
          Personally i do not like the unisex toilets. Yes we maybe swingers but that doesn't mean I want to see some random fella having a pee whilst I'm washing my hands.
          The club puts on a variety of different events that cater for different areas of the community (e.g event for tv/ts/cd) which is great for the diversity of the scene.
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          • PandMp

            PandMp Rgstd

            This was the first club we went to and found it very clique and even though it has a dress down time there were people still fully clothed after said time.
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            • Admin

              Admin Site Owner Admin

              Admin submitted a new link:


              Amour Swinging Club
              Manchester’s PREMIER swinging CLUBAmour Swinging Club opened it’s doors in June 2014 and in a short time, has become a hugely popular venue for the swinging community,
            • Eyeswideopen

              Eyeswideopen PV Rgstd

              Been to Amours several times, mainly private parties. Love that you can dance, dress down as soon as your comfortable and had a great time in the playrooms. The staff were really helpful and friendly, gave me and my playmate the full tour.
              Just take care with the stairs lol... I didn't. Xxx
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              • Not keen if im honest not one, i would pay a return visit too.
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