Another Filthy Date With Him And Her

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The low constant buzz from beneath the sheet
Thighs slightly splayed not yet ready to meet
An odour of the sweetest kind drifting to the nose
Pheromones driving blood to veins as penis now arose

Licking lips in anticipation,
Sucking on clitoris the perfect sensation
Hot bubbling juices beginning to flow
While nipples erectile automatically show.

Kisses to forehead to cheeks and to chin
Hands gently stroking a paradise to begin
Fingers tickling ball sac around base of girth
Silently measuring the studs true worth.

Can his lips suck so deeply the flesh of the mound
Will the fingers be deft enough the "G" spot be found?
Can the anal intrusion be judged to the limit
Should there be an orgasm will he last to the minute.

Nibble on plum head suck slowly at first
Feel pulse of expansion try slaking the thirst
Drawing now deeper pull back the skin
Gasp as in response his fingers slip in.

Rhythmical massage of breasts raise areola
Strong hands now command that your body turn over
Easing of buttocks as tongue finds the mark
Head full of images eyes closed in the dark

Hot breath sighs lightly on lips, sticky, open!
Brain freezes over whilst willingly hoping
Yes! touch me there more a little less pressure
Tongue gently rimming equal the pleasure

Throbbing in hand as stroke gently back and forth
Then faster in excitement to bring juices north
Feel swelling in scrotum as testicles tighten
Gazing in awe as the tip of eye widened

The sweet salty taste in the back of the mouth
Swallowing in unison with every hard spout
Meanwhile below as he on his back
Raises up to the challenge to chew lips of crack

A moment to wait as he comes for the kiss
Tongues intertwined to spread of the dish
Bubbling of juice in the warmest of place
Licking off own taste from of his hard face.

Further application of lips to the knob
Not long to realise your doing the right job
Swelling again and feeling much harder
Enough length and girth to control inward ardour.

He kneels now before you thighs open and wide
Nothing to cover nowhere left to hide
A stream now flowing from inside your cunt
As he chews and he laps pulling lips back to front.

Fingers inside wriggle upwards then down
While lapping spilt juices he finds of the crown
A flick in the top sends the lights flashing wild
Now crudely your own voice yells get the fuck inside.

Pushing the head closer until you feel the heat
Then upwards and outwards he places your feet
Lips now apart and the hole begging wet
He strokes at the entrance but will not enter yet.

Caress first with one hand then with the other
Senses driven wild by consummate lover
When all is abandoned all goodness depart
A thrust and you feel him buried up to your heart.

A slower extraction then a hard push to floor
Feel the pulse in his bell end as you cry out for more
A rhythmical turning a screwing so true
Thighs feeling the strain you think will black and blue.

No time for reflection as rush to the end
Orgasmic explosion as finger he bend
Upward the arse to enhance of the feeling
Any more pleasure you'll be up on the ceiling.

Finger replaced with the tip of his cock
You think you can't take it as hard as a rock
Yet it gives and it bends to gain entry at least
Now you feel of his passion you unleash the beast.

Scratching and biting kicking in Joy
God bless that you found him this one unique boy
He grunts and he snorts as he slides in your hole
you collapse with exhaustion enjoying the role.

As he lets you catch breath there is more you must do
He has cleaned up your thighs and therefore you too
Taking once more his bell-end so sweet
Relish once more the taste of his meat

Making him writhe on his back in response
You are determined to drain him more times than once
Feel his hot bucking thighs and his tight sweaty balls
Taking him closer to the edge of the falls.

A finger up his arse to massage the prostate
He wriggles half hearted but knows it's too late
Once more into hot mouth his spunk does explode
This time you don't swallow you share with him the load.

Kissing of lips and a swirling of tongues
as fingers and hands exploring thighs and bums
Slowing of breathing as both start to recover
Finally contented each praise for each other....