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Discussion in 'FAQ's, Help & Suggestions' started by 2hunters, 23 February 2017.

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  1. Hey! just downloaded the app for my phone and I can't log in, the app just hangs when I put in any details, even putting in the wrong password deliberately to check if there was any message to come back doesn't work, any ideas?

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  2. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Yes we currently have known issues after migrating our servers last week. We're hoping to get it fixed ASAP.
    It's a known bug for now and the best thing I can suggest, is use a browser for the time being.
    What you will lose in doing so, is the ability to Voice call and video call (Cam) from your mobiles.
    Sorry for the inconvenience but we will roll out a fix as soon as humanly possible.
    Many thanks for your understanding.
    Thanks @Brumcouple2013 for the tag. :)
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  3. Thanks for letting me know @Admin much appreciated! will be patient then :D
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  4. Admin

    Admin Admin

    You're welcome and thank you. Hopefully we can get it sorted ASAP. Moving servers caused a plethora of issues, some mostly unexpected..
    Many thanks :)
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  5. Admin

    Admin Admin

    Locked, thanks for your contributions all. :) x
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