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Arousal Experience

Discussion in 'Swinging Club Reviews' started by Social Swinging, 6 December 2016.

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    Arousal Experience
    Welcome to Arousal a non profit making private members club, where all of your fantasies can be explored, in a very safe, sexy environment and where your privacy is paramount.
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  2. bbwsoiree

    bbwsoiree VIP Member PV

    I've been to Arousals three times now,I recently went to the bmfc new years eve party
    Absolutely brilliant night,Arousals staff and bmfc hosts know how to put on a good party
    Arousals has a large dancefloor and loads of social areas,about five locked playrooms and loads of nooks and crannies to play
    Although a bmfc night,there are lots of regulars and all mix well,enjoyed meeting old friends and making new
    Always enjoy going to this club so well worth the long trip x thankyou for a great night Arousal's x
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  3. ThePlaygrounds

    ThePlaygrounds VIP Member PV

    NBN001.png FYI
    The Playgrounds have now hosted two successful SWINGLES events at Arousals club in Dunstable. Now we are launching our new event Naughty bi Nature in conjunction with Reflections t-girl parties. We currently have over 150 guests on out guest list to attend, we think, the only dedicated bisexual/t-girl/LGBTQ event on a SATURDAY. The launch night will be this Saturday.
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  4. ThePlaygrounds

    ThePlaygrounds VIP Member PV

    Sorry about that will try and sort asap xxx
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  5. ThePlaygrounds

    ThePlaygrounds VIP Member PV

    Should be a great launch night, with the volume of interest we have had, but its also a combination of several party hosts joining forces x
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  6. Beds_Bi

    Beds_Bi PV Sprtr

    Great evening with lots of beautiful people, love this place x
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  7. I used to know a woman just like that - the things she'd get men to do! - she was the best kind of awful :D
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  8. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

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  9. Yes.


  10. Meandlis

    Meandlis PV Sprtr

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  11. Beds_Bi

    Beds_Bi PV Sprtr

    Attended Naughty Bi Nature’s 1st Birthday party last night, It was a well organised event, lots of beautiful people and lots happening, every room was busy, as well as the dance floor.
    This is a great club with great hosts Sparkly C, Drake Tina & @ThePlaygrounds. There are lots of different events at this club check it out x
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